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Your databases are critical to your business but maintaining a powerful, advanced database is a full-time job. Unchain your IT staff for more important things and protect your precious information at the same time with Progress comprehensive database management services. Let us do the work, rev up your database and help extract maximum value from your investment.



Progress OpenEdge database specialists keep a finger on the pulse of your database and host services 24x7. Besides round-the-clock-monitoring, you’ll be notified when critical thresholds are exceeded and when service is interrupted, plus get regular personal follow-ups on all activity—even when there are no issues.



A healthy database is an efficient and trouble-free database, so watching trends before they become problems is critical. Progress experts watch the numbers carefully, including log file errors, database table growth and resource use statistics. They’ll make sure every backup completes plus make recommendations for ongoing database health.

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Let us worry about the details. Progress DBAs will proactively hunt down and fix the little things so they don’t become big things, such as index fragmentation, minimizing disk channel contention and providing crash support. You’ll get a primary DBA with more than 20 years of experience with OpenEdge without the administrative burden of an FTE.


Disaster Recovery

Outages are a horror show. Sleep soundly at night with a sound DR strategy for your OpenEdge database. Using OpenEdge Replication and Replication Plus, our database experts provide the know-how to ensure continuous service and availability with zero latency. We can offer a disaster recovery/replication strategy that is flexible, affordable and specifically designed to support your Progress-based systems.


Off the Charts Amazing!

95% of surveyed businesses with Progress Managed DBA, describe the knowledge and experience of their Progress consultants as really great or “off the charts amazing!”

SOURCE: TechValidate

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"We count on the skilled Progress Services MDBA for monitoring and tuning our systems. We also rely heavily on the development and consulting services to maintain and improve our application/data base. Progress Services is our one-stop shop for all these services. Their availability, concern, and skill provides comfort in knowing our systems are well-kept and maintained."

SOURCE: TechValidate

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Progress MDBA

There are so many multi-benefits in our enjoying full-time 24/7 support, seeing your database run at peak efficiency and knowing you have the ultimate insurance for your data efforts.


Managed Database Administration

Progress ® Services brings you secure, reliable and experienced database management.


Database Health Check

The road to optimum performance begins with an inventory of your systems.

Progress Services

Beyond exceptional tools, our services and training help you build better applications and improve your processes.

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