Corticon Rules for OpenEdge

Manage business rules outside the application—without coding.

Automate Business Rules to Accelerate Development

Whether you're in a regulation-intensive industry, or simply a company with many internal decision dependencies, automating business rules can yield significant benefits for any organization. Integrating business rules management with Progress Corticon into your OpenEdge applications can deliver dramatic results.

Key Benefits

Manual rule changes are slow, riddled with mistakes and leave you vulnerable to compliance issues. An integrated RDBMS and rules engine will open new business possibilities you never knew existed, then free the staff time needed to pursue them.

  • Accelerate initial development by 10x, maintenance cycles by 25x
  • Get higher-quality business logic by catching errors earlier in design
  • Import database schema as Corticon vocabularies, saving time and money
  • Engage business analysts in the development process
  • Ensure proper governance and rules compliance

California Association of Realtors

Make Complex Rules Simple

One of the most complex parts of a realtor’s job is determining what forms to use, when to use them and for what transaction. For the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.), providing forms advice to members was an ongoing challenge. Today, C.A.R. helps its members filter a mind-boggling number of form combinations.

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