OpenEdge Transparent
Data Encryption

Balancing both security and performance in one solution.

Balance Security & Performance Needs

OpenEdge Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) balances both security and performance needs in a complete out-of-the-box solution, using standard encryption libraries and encryption key management for secure, encrypted data.

Key Features

Controlling access to stored private data, or "at rest" is at the core of the OpenEdge TDE solution.  This is accomplished by combining cryptography technologies and processes to give a security administrator or database administration control of who can access the private data within the database.

Execute at full speed with less than 2% performance degradation while encrypting and decrypting. TDE includes both policy tools and a secure encryption key store separate from the database. Leveraging the authentication, authorization and auditing functionality inherent in Progress® OpenEdge® and the additional Advanced Business Language (ABL) security features.  OpenEdge TDE provides seamless data protection on disk, in backups and in binary dump files and supports leading encryption ciphers.

What’s New in 12.2

  • Stronger encryption for master database key
  • Stronger encryption for user/admin user and adminstration passphrases
  • Helps organizations to address the regulatory requirements to address various government corporate standards
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OpenEdge TDE Delivers Maximum Security Without Impacting Performance

Many companies have either incomplete security solutions that cannot provide ultimate protection or custom-built solutions that are resource intensive and cumbersome to not only build, but to maintain. Progress OpenEdge Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) has a solution that can fulfill the “while at rest” component of an end-to-end application data privacy system.


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