OpenEdge Change Data Capture

Track and save changes in the OpenEdge RDBMS to support
accurate synchronization with multiple data sources throughout the business.

Support Syncronization with Change Data Capture

Accumulated data is difficult and expensive to manage as it's constantly growing and changing. Extracting that data to ensure consistency and accuracy across multiple data sources can be cumbersome and time intensive. To operate at scale, organizations must be able to improve data management processes and give the business accurate data in near real time. Progress® OpenEdge® Change Data Capture (CDC) is purpose-built so you can quickly identify, track and save all changes within the OpenEdge RDBMS. 

Key Benefits

OpenEdge CDC facilitates accurate, efficient synchronization with other data sources and data warehouses without changing the application or downtime.

  • Identify and track changes made within the Progress OpenEdge RDBMS
  • Guarantee accurate tracking of all data changes regardless of where they occur
  • Increase efficiencies and availability of changes allowing ETL to synch identified changes with other data sources, data repositories or data warehouses
  • Single point of configuration regardless of ABL or SQL
  • Implement with zero changes to the application, just configure and run
  • Manage completely online—no downtime required

OpenEdge Change Data Capture

OpenEdge Change Data Capture

The ability to precisely capture changes and efficiently export and synchronize those changes with data repositories and warehouses enhances visibility and operational productivity.

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