OpenEdge Transparent 
Data Encryption 

Balance both security and performance needs in a complete
out-of-the-box solution.


OpenEdge Transparent Data Encryption (OpenEdge TDE) balances both security and performance needs in a complete out-of-the-box solution, using standard encryption libraries and encryption key management for secure, encrypted data.

Key Features

Protect as much as you want, or down to a single table, index or field. Execute at full speed with less than 2% degradation while encrypting/decrypting. TDE includes both policy tools and a secure encryption key store kept apart from the database. Leveraging the authentication, authorization and auditing functionality inherent in Progress® OpenEdge® and the additional Advanced Business Language (ABL) security features, TDE provides seamless data protection: 

  • On disk
  • In backups
  • In binary dump files
  • By supporting encryption ciphers such as AES, DES, DES-3 and RC4



OpenEdge TDE Delivers Maximum Security Without Impacting Performance

Many companies have either incomplete security solutions that cannot provide ultimate protection or custom-built solutions that are resource intensive and cumbersome to not only build, but to maintain. Progress OpenEdge Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) has a solution that can fulfill the “while at rest” component of an end-to-end application data privacy system. 


Progress OpenEdge 12

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