Kendo UI Builder

Application development is a journey: problems to solve, lessons to learn, and web experiences to enjoy.

Download Requires OpenEdge 11.6.3 or later


Applications are the foundation of your business. They must be reliable, scalable and cost-effective—and, of course, engaging. Kendo UI Builder rapidly transforms your Progress OpenEdge application enabling you to deliver high-performing, elegant web applications that meet the demands of the digital age.

Key Benefits

  • Build better-looking web apps

    Get industry-leading responsive web technologies for personalized interaction and exceptional user experience with browsers and tablets

  • Deliver in less time

    Accelerate and simplify OpenEdge application development using 80% auto-generated web UI code

  • Do more

    Quickly develop data-driven views from built-in templates in Kendo UI Designer, the easy-to-use web based UI development tool

  • Continue to delight users

    Store design templates in the metadata so your app always stays current as technologies evolve

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With Kendo UI Builder you define the layout and contents of your web app using pre-built, pre-tested visual components. The web app is built to run on industry-standard technologies—Angular 1.5 along with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Creating Your Web App

Getting started is easy—Quick Start guides you through the development process. The Kendo UI Designer saves you time by targeting data-driven views where screens are automatically built based on data catalog definition. Web pages are then represented as models in the metadata and AngularJS templates to ensure unlimited customizations and UI that is future-proof.


Designing Your Views

The Kendo UI Designer tool provides the major features of your web app, known as modules. Containing all of the views related to the feature, each module is easily identified by an icon of your choice and specified color. Navigation is built into the generated web app with collapsible menus for each defined module. Data Providers access the OpenEdge data and business logic to support each module.


Accessing the Data

This data driven view is based on built-in configuration options that include: column selection, ordering, sorting and filtering. Event handlers are available to call your custom logic (client or server-side). Data-Grid-Form and Data-Grid-Separate-Form are additional built-in views available with read, create, update and delete functionality including error handling.


Generating the App

App screens default to the Metro theme which can be overridden with extensions using one of the many templates available and custom CSS. This sample screen displays the data in a Data-Grid with a customized row template to get the custom look and feel. Authentication models of anonymous, basic and form are supported.


Create Experiences

Kendo UI Builder gives you the path. You create the journey.

Download Requires OpenEdge 11.6 and 11.6.3