Kendo UI Builder

Rapidly deliver elegant web experiences for your OpenEdge apps


Applications are the foundation of your business. They must be reliable, scalable and cost-effective—and, of course, engaging. Kendo UI Builder rapidly transforms your Progress OpenEdge application enabling you to deliver high-performing, elegant web applications that meet the demands of the digital age.

Key Benefits

  • Build better-looking web apps

    Get industry-leading responsive web technologies for personalized interaction and exceptional user experience with browsers and tablets.

  • Deliver in less time

    Accelerate and simplify OpenEdge application development using mostly auto-generated web UI code.  We take the work out of client/server data communications.

  • Do more

    Quickly develop data-driven views using an extended library of built-in templates in Kendo UI Designer, the easy-to-use web-based UI development tool.

  • Continue to delight users

    Store design templates in the metadata so your app always stays current as technologies evolve. Your users will benefit as Kendo UI components will consistently deliver higher satisfaction across all of your web apps.

  Kendo UI Builder Demo Series
Demo Series

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Kendo UI Builder 2.0 Video

See why Generation Fifth Applications is excited about Kendo UI Builder.

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An application’s user experience increasingly determines its effectiveness. Particularly with web scale applications, a poor UI/UX can undermine the business benefit of the application. Kendo UI Builder is the web productivity tool of choice for OpenEdge application developers. Easily modernize your Character, GUI or WebSpeed front ends to an engaging web UI and increase accessibility and user productivity.

It is designed to provide the features OpenEdge customers have been waiting for: avoid browser incompatibilities with Electron Shell, increase page load performance with on-demand script execution, access additional charts, graphs and page views from an extended library of built-in templates, and enhance data connectivity capabilities through JSDO, OData and REST.

Kick-Start Development

Creating your application is easy with Quick Start as your guide. Kendo UI Designer saves you time by targeting data-driven views where screens are automatically built based on catalog definitions.

Kick-Start Development

Design Your View – Your Way

Major features of your web app are identified by modules clearly marked by an icon and color of your choice. Each defined module has a collapsible menu for navigation built into the generated web app.

Design Your View

Add views of choice using an extended library of built-in templates, or start from scratch and create customized views to meet your business needs.

Design Your View 2

Accessing the Data -- Your Way

Ease data integration across repositories with Kendo UI Builder. Design your front end and hook it to the back end using the JavaScript Data Object (JSDO) to access OpenEdge data or RESTful APIs to connect to additional data sources.

Accessing the Data

Generate Your Web App

Create fantastic dashboards and preview your responsive page views in various tablets and browsers. Generate your beautiful, scalable, modern Angular JS web app with just a few clicks.

Generate Your Web App 2

Create Experiences

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