Top 5 Reasons: Upgrade to OpenEdge 11.7

Top 5 Reasons: Upgrade
to OpenEdge 11.7

Delivering highly available, secure, scalable enterprise apps that evolve with the business just got easier.

1. Reduce Costs

70% of an average organization’s IT budget is dedicated to legacy software maintenance. IT departments are under continuing pressure to "keep the lights on" instead of tackling new challenges and improving existing processes—ultimately stifling innovation.

Applications built on Progress OpenEdge 8.0 - 10.2B are reliable. Eventually, though, companies run into limitations limiting further growth. Not accommodating for database growth, expansion of users, and the inability to leverage third party, open source or industry-standard security technologies forces businesses to adhere to what legacy technology can deliver—not market or customer demand.

Investing in modern technology like OpenEdge 11.7 reduces overall maintenance costs, ensures the stability of an updated platform, increases productivity and drives strategic success.

2. Improve Your User Experience

Information accessibility drives business, and an intuitive web and mobile experience drives the success of today’s mission-critical applications. Consider the experiences of these two customers:


Generation Fifth Applications is transforming the UI of its Library Archival System (LAS). Kendo UI Builder made it simple and quick to deliver a seamless experience across all screens and browsers that can be tailored to the needs of libraries such as Harvard University and Oxford University.


Powerleague, a leading provider of small-sided football facilities in the U.K, needed a comprehensive mobile app for customers that integrated with their backend OpenEdge application. NativeScript enabled their development partner to create a native cross-platform mobile app leveraging the JavaScript skills they already had. Since the project wrapped up, Powerleague has seen its online revenues triple.

3. Solve Top Data Management Challenges

Effective data management has become exponentially more difficult in the past decade, and the vast growth of databases and subsequent dependency on data show no signs of slowing.

OpenEdge RDBMS Advance Enterprise Edition (AEE) combines six powerful data management and protection products to enable a scalable, highly-available, secure environment that supports thousands of concurrent users and terabytes of data.


Ready. Set. Capture.

This webinar explores OpenEdge Change Data Capture, an invaluable tool that enables you to quickly identify and track data changes across various data sources, data lakes and warehouses.

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Always On

Always On With OpenEdge.

Learn how new OpenEdge Replication can help minimize unplanned disruptions, easily perform ongoing maintenance and maximize uptime for users.

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4. Mitigate Risk

In 2016, 60% of security breaches occurred within SMB. Technology advances and enhanced government regulations such as GDPR create more stringent requirements for data usage and protection. Organizations must fortify their application environment and minimize the risk and costs incurred by noncompliance and loss of trust.

Stopping malicious actors demands an application environment that leverages current security technologies and standards—fundamental enhancements available when you upgrade to OpenEdge 11.7. These resources will help you learn more:


Security in OpenEdge: An Introductory Primer.

Watch this webinar for a primer on OpenEdge platform components that can help improve the security of your OpenEdge application.

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NEW! Protecting Your OpenEdge Application Environment.

Learn how to fortify your OpenEdge application environment in this updated white paper.

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SSL/TLS Communication in Progress OpenEdge.

Effectively prevent the tampering of sensitive data by enabling servers on either end of a connection to identify, authenticate or prove their identity for secure communication.

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5. Shed the Burden of Legacy Technology

Upgrading to capitalize on the enhancements in OpenEdge 11.7 is free with an active maintenance contract. However, we understand that shedding the burden of legacy technology isn’t always easy. The experts from Progress Services can help you create your application modernization strategy, while optimizing existing technology.

Learn more about the broad scope of Progress Services and how they can help you to evolve your applications to meet the needs of your users in the eBook, “Application Evolution: Capture the Business & Technology Trends of Today and Tomorrow“.


Application Evolution.

From modernizing legacy solutions to learning new technology, there is a Progress Services offering that empowers you to evolve your applications to the needs of your users.

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