Application Modernization—the Door to Opportunity in the Digital Age

Application Modernization—the Door to Opportunity in the Digital Age

November 28, 2016 0 Comments
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Using older technology may be holding you back from scaling your business—while costing you money.

Did you know that over 70% of technology spend is dedicated to maintaining older systems?

Standing still in a world that is moving so fast is no longer an option. To compete, you need to constantly evolve your application to attract and retain customers. Doing that requires the ability to quickly deliver more productive applications your users can access on any device, anytime and anyplace.

How do you get there? The answer is application modernization.

The latest release of Progress OpenEdge delivers everything you need to advance your technology and business into the digital age with “apptitude”—the right technology and expertise that helps you gain and maintain a competitive advantage. With OpenEdge you can:

  • Build great cross-platform mobile apps directly on top of, and integrated with, existing applications
  • Create a rich UI and improve user adoption, productivity and customer retention with a user-centric approach
  • Implement business process management so that applications can be tailored for and by the consumers of the applications
  • Empower business analysts to quickly create or modify rules, accelerating speed to market, with business process management
  • Leverage advanced database capabilities to support thousands of concurrent users and terabytes of data, while ensuring scalable database performance, reliability and 24/7 availability
  • Ensure ready access to mission-critical data with replication

While it may seem daunting, application modernization can be a significant competitive edge for your business. Those companies that are able to deliver what customers want faster, better and at a lower cost will distinguish themselves from the pack. With Progress as your partner, you are in an ideal position to seize these new opportunities and reap the rewards of the digital age.

There’s no ignoring the hype. The era of digital business has arrived. By 2017, 64% of IT and marketing executives expect to transform into a digital business. Yet, right now, only 32% of business leaders have successfully transformed their large organizations to a “digital” business, according to the Capgemini Consulting Digital Talent Gap Report. Are you prepared?

To learn more, read our eBook:  Application Modernization for the Digital Age

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Tanya O’Connor

Tanya O’Connor is the product marketing manager for Progress OpenEdge. She has over 15+ years of marketing strategy, channel and communications experience in the application development market.

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