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Progress OpenEdge is a comprehensive platform for rapidly developing, deploying and managing business applications, delivering total data management with the industry's lowest total cost of ownership. Our latest release, OpenEdge 11.6, gives you confidence to build and protect beautiful, competitive business apps your users not only need, but want. 

These mission-critical business apps can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, are reliable, scalable and require less administrative resources than alternative platforms.

Progress OpenEdge 11.6.
It’s all about Apptitude. 

It’s the stride in your step that tells everyone you can build and protect beautiful, modern, high-performing business applications.  It’s knowing you chose the most cost-effective, innovative solution to advance your business. It’s feeling confident in a partner who listens—one with the right technology and expertise to get you where you’re ready to go.  
Find your apptitude with OpenEdge 11.6. 

  • Modernize and boost WebSpeed apps 
  • Build beautiful, easy-to-navigate mobile apps—with minimal coding
  • Minimize risk with comprehensive TLS/SSL security support
  • Leverage additional SQL capabilities 


  • Increase efficiency and slash costs with customized install images
  • Streamline operations with community-requested enhancements
  • Fostering the next-generation of OpenEdge developers

Mobilize Your OpenEdge Apps

Mobilize your OpenEdge Apps

Telerik Platform for OpenEdge takes the complexity and confusion out of building mobile apps.  Generate beautiful, easy-to-navigate mobile apps that effortlessly access your OpenEdge data sources—all with minimal coding.

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Progress Application Server for OpenEdge


If you need a sophisticated application server that unites core systems and applications in a high-productivity runtime environment, look no further than the Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge. This single enterprise-class web/application server simplifies creating, deploying and operating Progress based business applications.

Now, with OpenEdge 11.6, you can modernize your WebSpeed applications, increase scalability and enhance performance, while maximizing investments and minimizing development risk and cost. 

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OpenEdge RDBMS Advanced Enterprise Edition

Get an innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud computing and application production solution in one package—without breaking your budget or sacrificing security. Our comprehensive multiprocessing environment supports thousands of concurrent users and terabytes of data, with scalable database performance, reliability and 24/7 availability. If your relational database solution can't do that, it's time to advance its capabilities.

OpenEdge BPM: Business Process Management

These days, how work gets done is just as important as what gets done. Progress OpenEdge BPM provides an integrated authoring environment for developing, simulating and deploying business processes - all managed via an efficient and flexible dashboard.

With OpenEdge BPM, you can manage workflows across multiple teams and departments for improved measurement and accountability, solving the missing data link needed to improve processes. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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Corticon Rules for OpenEdge

For model-driven rules development, nothing beats the combination of the Progress® Corticon® business rules engine and the OpenEdge platform. Automate decision making with complete agility and control, via logic set apart from the application code.

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Power in the Code: Advanced Business Language


Progress OpenEdge is powered by Advanced Business Language (ABL), the only programming language on the market specifically designed to build end-to-end business applications, including business logic, user interfaces and complex data management.

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OpenEdge Companion Solutions 

Progress OpenEdge furthers your ability to get the job done with innovative technology that enhances your application and improves top and bottom line results.

OpenEdge Pro2

OpenEdge Pro2 unleashes new data opportunities with our “set it and forget it” replication solution. It works so quietly in the background you’ll almost forget it’s there—except of course, when your servers are no longer bogged down by daily replication transactions. Choose third-party reporting solutions, business intelligence applications and data warehousing tools as needed to fit your business.

With Pro2, you’ll get speedy data access along with triggers that recognize changes and securely replicate them in near real-time to SQL, Oracle or other Progress OpenEdge databases. Access critical data for accurate reporting and analysis, data mining, data warehousing and data consolidation—and rest assured there will be no big foot sightings.

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OpenEdge Analytics360

Most out-of-the-box analytics software really isn’t “out of the box.” They often require weeks or even months of design and development, before still falling short of expectations.

Our analytics solution is different. Progress OpenEdge Analytics360 is truly a complete business intelligence solution. With Analytics360, you get a leading business intelligence tool that’s ready-to-roll since most of the design and development work is done for you. You're welcome.

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