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Elevating Data Security with Dynamic Data Masking (DDM) in OpenEdge 12.8

May 21, 2024

In an era where data security and privacy regulations are more stringent than ever, you need a solution that can help you safeguard your sensitive information with less risk of compromising your business operations.  

That’s why Progress OpenEdge 12.8 introduces Dynamic Data Masking (DDM), a feature that helps you better control how much of your data is exposed to different users and roles. 

DDM is a security feature that hides from view your sensitive data while the data in the database remains unchanged.  

This is another tool that can help you comply with government regulations like GDPR and HIPAA, as well as help safeguard your data and minimize the risk of unauthorized access and breaches. 

In this video, we will show you how to use DDM in OpenEdge 12.8 and outline how it can benefit your business. 

Dynamic Data Masking Utilities 

OpenEdge 12.8 equips you with a set of essential database utilities that allow you to seamlessly enable, disable, activate and deactivate DDM, giving you control over when and how data masking is applied. 

A Security Admin (SecAdmin) or DDM Admin user defines data masking policies by first creating DDM roles and associating authorization rules (or tags) to the roles. Next, the DDM Admin will/can grant a DDM role to a user, then the user will be able to view data based on the level of access for their role. 

AVM Support for DDM 

DDM works seamlessly across all clients, including ABL, .NET, Java, AppServer and SQL .  

Data is obfuscated based on DDM authorization and role settings, helping you keep your sensitive information protected without code changes in your applications.  

You can use the DDM authorization tags to grant or deny access to the sensitive data for different users and roles.  

You can also use the DDM role settings to define the default behavior for users who don’t have any authorization tags. 

SQL Integration 

OpenEdge SQL users authorized by DDM to view sensitive fields in a database can run queries without a mask applied, while unauthorized users can only see the data with a mask applied.  

This functionality also extends to utilities like SQL dump, supporting more seamless data access. 

Database User Notify Integration 

To simplify DDM rule maintenance, we’ve incorporated the DB User Notify capability.  

This integration helps DDM maintenance tools work seamlessly within your OpenEdge environment.  

You can use the DB User Notify utility to notify connected users about DDM rule changes and request that they disconnect and reconnect to the database so the new or modified rules can take effect.  

This way, you can better avoid disruption and inconsistency in your data access and operations. 

Audit Events and User States 

OpenEdge 12.8 introduces new audit events and user states for the various utilities, enhancing your ability to monitor and manage DDM operations effectively.  

You can use the audit events to track the DDM activities and changes, such as enabling, disabling, activating and deactivating DDM, as well as adding, modifying and deleting DDM rules. 

Dump and Load DDM Data 

DDM enables you to dump and load DDM data from a DDM-enabled Development or User Acceptance Test environments to a production database.  

Whether you're transitioning from development to production, setting up multiple systems, or any other scenario, this capability helps support the integrity of your DDM configuration. 

Access to this feature is limited to the SecAdmin or DBA User roles to help facilitate more secure data operations. 

Dynamic Data Masking in OpenEdge 12.8 is a strategic move towards empowering Security and Database Administrators with the tools they need to better meet stringent data security regulations while simplifying data management.  

With DDM support across various facets of the OpenEdge ecosystem, you have the flexibility, control and peace of mind to focus on innovation, knowing your sensitive data is better safeguarded. 

Welcome to the future of data security with OpenEdge 12.8—where protection meets performance, and compliance meets convenience. 

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