Now’s the Time to Make the Upgrade to OpenEdge 12.8

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Days Left until 11.7 retirement

Still Running Your Mission-Critical Business Applications on OpenEdge 11.7, 10.2b or Older?

As the retirement date for OpenEdge 11.7 approaches (April 1, 2025), it is essential to understand why moving to 12.8 is necessary for the growth, productivity and strength of your business.

Product ReleaseRetirement Date
OpenEdge 12.8 January 1, 2030
OpenEdge 11.7April 1, 2025
OpenEdge 11.0 - 11.6Retired
OpenEdge 10.xRetired
Progress Version 9.xRetired
Please Note: Progress OpenEdge discontinued support for Oracle Solaris starting from OpenEdge 12.5 and later releases, and for IBM AIX starting from OpenEdge 12.6 and later releases.

The Importance of Migrating


Benefits of Upgrading

  • Advanced Support Services
  • Latest Security Updates
  • Enhanced Features and Functionality
  • Compatibility with New Technologies
  • Future Performance Enhancements

Risks of Not Upgrading

  • Lack of Support & Updates
  • Compatibility Issues
  • Security Vulnerabilities
  • Decreased Performance
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Loss of Competitive Advantages

The Four-Step Migration Approach

Upgrading to OpenEdge 12.8 from OpenEdge 11.7 or an older release involves multiple stages:

  • Transitioning from classic AppServer to Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge
  • Database upgrade to OpenEdge 12.8
  • Migrating classic AppServer applications to PAS for OpenEdge.

To get you started on your journey, we have outlined a four-step approach to migration. Explore the steps that you will need to take depending on your role:

Want help with any of these steps? Progress is there to support you. Just reach out by clicking the contact us button:

Migration ApproachReview Current Architecture

Migration Approach


Review Current Architecture

Benefits of Upgrading

  • Identify OpenEdge products and versions in use.
  • Analyze classic AppServer and/or WebSpeed Brokers configurations
  • Evaluate application modes, client types, and usage of persistent procedures.
  • Identify third-party components and adapters.
  • Review deployment details including server setup, operating systems, and network configurations.


Document the findings to gain a clear understanding of the existing architecture and components.

Migration Approach


Visualize Target Architecture

Define Target Architecture

Determine the components and configurations required in the new architecture.

  • Choose OpenEdge products including PAS for OpenEdge, Database Replication, and Authentication Gateway.
  • Map out the deployment environment considering factors like operating systems, hardware, and network setup.
  • Consider additional modernisation goals such as high availability, scalability, and improved security.

Create Diagrams

Develop diagrams illustrating the comparison between the current architecture and the target PAS for OpenEdge architecture.

Migration Approach


Determine Migration Approach

Organizations have two options when navigating the transition while still on older versions. By carefully evaluating these factors, organizations can determine the most suitable approach to upgrading, ensuring a successful transition to OpenEdge 12 tailored to their unique needs and priorities.

Incremental Migration

Phase 1: Migrate from classic AppServer or WebSpeed to PAS for OpenEdge 11.7.

  • Update client connections from AppServer[DC] to HTTP.
  • Migrate application code ensuring compatibility with PAS for OpenEdge.

Phase 2: Upgrade to OpenEdge 12.8. § Convert database to OpenEdge 12.8

  • Install supported JDK.
  • Update PAS for OpenEdge projects and configurations.
  • Ensure file permissions and security configurations are compatible.

Direct Migration

Upgrade directly to OpenEdge 12.8 from classic AppServer 11.7 or WebSpeed.

  • Migrate database to OpenEdge 12.8.
  • Install supported JDK.
  • Move application source and configurations to PAS for OpenEdge.
  • Update client connections.
  • Ensure file permissions and security configurations are compatible.

Migration Approach


Execute Migration

Application Migration

For developers, upgrading to OpenEdge 12.8 from OpenEdge 11.7 and older releases involves transitioning from:

Classic AppServer to Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge Migrating classic AppServer applications to PAS for OpenEdge.

Migrating an application from classic AppServer or the WebSpeed Transaction Server to PAS for OpenEdge begins with moving your application to a test environment with a few simple code and property changes.
To get started moving your application, Learn About Migrating Classic AppServer Applications to PAS for OpenEdge.

Please Note: If you’re currently using version 12.2 and looking to transition to 12.8, there’s no need for code recompilation unless you wish to leverage the latest features offered in OpenEdge 12.8

Direct Migration

For database administrators, upgrading to OpenEdge 12.8 from OpenEdge 11.7 and older releases involves database migration to OpenEdge 12.8.

OpenEdge 11 to OpenEdge 12.8
To convert OpenEdge 11.x to OpenEdge 12.8, follow the steps in the documentation: Convert an OpenEdge Release 11 Database to OpenEdge Release 12..
Note:Converting without a replication rebase may allow a faster upgrade, for eligible versions of OpenEdge. See Prepare to convert replication-enabled databases and Convert replication-enabled databases without target rebase.

OpenEdge 10 to OpenEdge 12.8 To convert OpenEdge 10.x to OpenEdge 12.8, follow the steps in the documentation: Convert an OpenEdge Release 10 database to OpenEdge Release 12.

Please Note: There is also no need to convert the database, as it is already in the 12.x format after the transition to 12.2.

Deployment Environment Considerations

As part of upgrading to OpenEdge 12.8, you may consider deployment environment changes and additional goals for modernizing your application in your new target architecture.


The Progress OpenEdge Application Evolution Methodology

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