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Build and deliver highly available, secure, scalable enterprise business applications that evolve with the business.

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to 11.7 

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Agility, security, scalability, simplified installation, robust SQL capabilities and more are what you need in your mission-critical business applications that can deploy across any platform and mobile device.  The latest release of OpenEdge delivers that and more to help you gain and keep a competitive edge. Get started today.

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All you need to start writing and executing ABL in a web browser.

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New Features in OpenEdge 11.7


Build Business Apps for the Future

Constantly innovating and staying ahead of trends, with OpenEdge, you can select the capabilities and technologies you need to keep you competitive while keeping costs in check.

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Key Features of OpenEdge 11.7

Operating at Scale

Keep accurate information flowing

Be more responsive to the business by improving data management processes and visibility, improving accuracy in operational efficiencies, analytics and financials. Identifying, tracking and saving changes through the new OpenEdge Change Data Capture (CDC) lets you facilitate accurate, efficient ETL synchronization with other data sources and data warehouses. It’s easy to configure and go—zero downtime or application changes needed.

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Operating at Scale

High Availability

Keep downtime at bay

Meet the business expectation of uninterrupted access to systems and information. Replication Target Synchronization provides a three-pronged failover approach for ongoing maintenance and automatic transition in case of unplanned downtime.

Online Index Activation allows you to add new indexes to the schema without downtime. Add indexes at your convenience, but deploy changes when ready without disrupting the application.

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High Availability

Application Security

Fortify your security strategy

Protecting data at the source is paramount to a successful security strategy. OpenEdge Authentication Gateway ensures trusted identity management by hardening the overall security of your OpenEdge application environment. Keep rogue clients where they belong—away from your database or other application components. Authentication Gateway is offered as both an upgraded feature of our next-generation Progress Application Server for OpenEdge ensuring support of the latest security standards, or as a standalone product.

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SQL Enhancements

Improve performance optimization when using SQL by joining cost optimizations in queries involving both big and small tables, and address SQL width with index key searches and comparisons for too large data sets defined only in output. Each new release of Progress OpenEdge enhances our SQL capabilities to adhere to the latest in SQL standards.

SQL Enhancements

Streamlined Installation


Configuration Import/Export: Capture all installation configuration information and use it to more easily and rapidly configure within your current or more recent release of OpenEdge.

Downloadable License Configuration: You’ll find simplified configuration processes on the Customer Self Service portal with enhanced features available with the release of OpenEdge 11.7:

  • Ability to append new licenses to an existing installation minimizing time required for a full installation and decreasing multi-site deployment costs
  • Easy, one-click conversions from license configuration files to activation files
  • Automated upgrade process accelerating customer new technology opportunities, and more 

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Streamlined Installation

Top Ten Enhancement Requests


You asked—we listened and delivered. For each new OpenEdge release, we work to ensure that your feature requests make up a significant amount of the new version’s capabilities. Here are your Top Ten We’re Listening Enhancements available in Progress OpenEdge 11.7: 

  1. OOABL performance improvements
  2. Optional “Strict Compile” mode to help enforce coding standards
  3. VST enhancements to provide additional debugging information
  4. Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge debugger
  5. OpenEdge Management alerts and threshold monitoring for Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge
  6. Treat STOP conditions like any other error that can be handled (technical preview)
  7. Support for EMPTY-TEMP-TABLE on a Temp-table handle
  8. Published OpenEdge SQL compliance information to Core SQL:2011
  9. Performance improvements for Progress Developer Studio
  10. Continued operation for WebClient if auto-update fails
Тop Ten Enhancement Requests


Deliver always-on, secure apps that scale

Hear why OpenEdge partners are excited about what’s available in our latest release, OpenEdge 11.7.

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