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AKIOMA.DOCS! - Simplify Document Generation from OpenEdge

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Create awesome Word/Excel documents and reports with your OpenEdge application and allow your users to define layout and styles by themselves using Word/Excel templates!

Your OpenEdge application produces a wealth of data. But if you’ve ever wanted to create reports, invoices or other documents using this data, you know how tedious it can be. Especially if you’re trying to copy and paste the information into templated documents.

AKIOMA.DOCS! (former docxFactory) allows creating sophisticated Word and Excel documents, where the look&feel, the styling and layout is independent from your application & code. You or your customers define normal Word/Excel documents, which are then merged with your data to create output documents. You can either automatically merge the templates directly with your data, or control the document-creation process within your ABL procedures. Either way, the created documents exactly match the Word/Excel files used as templates.

AKIOMA.DOCS! supports reports, mailing letters, nested documents, nested blocks, and all other kind of business documents. This allows the creation of any kind of document, even complex recursive documents such as parts lists / bill of materials. This not only works for simple (mailing) letters, but you can also create sophisticated real-world reports/documents with barcodes, diagrams, images, table of contents, paging functions, headers/footers and much more.

With the generic document factory AKIOMA.Docs! you can focus on the essential things when it comes to the automated generation of complex, customized and CI-conform documents.

See in this webinar with our partner Akioma how you can integrate AKIOMA.DOCS! with your OpenEdge Application in less than an hour.



Mike Liewehr
CEO & Founder

Mike is founder and CEO of AKIOMA Software GmbH. He founded and managed several IT companies and grew them until a successful exit. Mike has more than 25 years of experience and regularly speaks at conferences worldwide. He has managed several large modernization projects and is passionate about complex software and system architectures, user experience design and the improvement of business processes through innovative IT solutions.


Philipp Schmoldt

As Chief Product Officer of AKIOMA Software GmbH, Philipp is responsible for the continuous improvement and expansion of the product and service pipeline. He has more than 15 years of experience in the areas of cloud and SaaS architectures, business process optimization, as well as project and customer requirements management.


The easy and efficient way to generate business documents!

This is independent of how complex your Word templates and associated text modules are, the context for which you need your documents or the data source from which the necessary information comes.

With our generic documents-factory AKIOMA.Docs! you can concentrate on the essential things when it comes to the automated generation of complex, customised and CI-conform documents!

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About Akioma - simplifying complexity

The AKIOMA Software GmbH Team is well aware of the IT challenges of today's mission-critical business processes and offers market-leading opportunities to meet the digital challenges with its cloud platform solutions for web application development.

AKIOMA has developed the unique, award-winning low-code/no-code platform SWAT! which enables companies and software vendors to implement superior, future-proof enterprise business applications in record-time. Its proven in real-world scenarios with well-known customers in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and Canada.


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