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Application Quality and Security Management for OpenEdge

Identify coding problems, reduce technical debt and facilitate seamless refactoring processes with a comprehensive code-quality platform. The OpenEdge Application Quality and Security Management platform enhances the security, maintainability and longevity of Progress OpenEdge applications.

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OpenEdge Application Quality and Security Management Service Datasheet

Discover how to enhance the security, maintainability and longevity of your OpenEdge applications.

Your Code Over Time

As technology evolves and business needs change, maintaining the quality and sustainability of mission-critical business applications becomes increasingly complex. Technical debt accumulates, posing significant challenges for further development, scalability and maintenance.

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Improve Your Code Quality

Using Sigrid, a platform by Software Improvement Group (SIG), we can measure the code and architecture quality of OpenEdge applications to create an Application Quality and Security Management Assessment.

The SIG and Progress collaboration provides automated guidance on addressing technical debt, enhancing security and modernizing applications. Sigrid offers the unique ability to analyze over 300+ different types of technologies and intelligently rank your software capabilities against the world's largest software database, made up of over 18,000 systems and more than 200 billion lines of code.

Whether you are facing technical debt while maintaining your OpenEdge application or are interested in improving and upholding the security of your applications, our experts can provide a comprehensive overview of the health of your applications.

A Comprehensive Approach to Enhancing Your OpenEdge Application
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The Benefits of Quality and Security Management

Offers awareness and insights on current application state

Justifies why modernization is needed and where and how it will have the greatest impact

Supplies fact-based insights to drive innovation, manage risks and lower costs

Increases transparency from the development team to the boardroom to help you set priorities for your software development investments

Extend the Longevity of Your Applications

With an Application Security and Quality Management Assessment, we offer detailed insights and guidance on all aspects of code quality, architecture and security, with intel to help you prioritize your improvement projects. Progress Professional Services experts offer guidance, every step of the way, on how to reduce technical debt, prioritize modernization efforts and support the execution of software development.

Our Assessments Include:


An evaluation of goals around security, maintainability and architecture quality.


A maintainability score to identify risks and areas for improvement.


An analysis of security threats in your codebase.


A visualization of existing architecture implementation to find improvement opportunities.

Learning & Resources

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