OpenEdge Application Modernization

Progress Professional Services can help you develop and evolve your mission-critical business application to run on the latest OpenEdge technology with the best functionality and user experience.

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Progress OpenEdge Modernization Assessment

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Our Application Evolution Methodology

When you are ready to modernize your application, reach out to the experts on the Progress Professional Services team for guidance. We offer an approach to modernization that follows a standard process but is customized to the needs of the individual client.

IterativeProcessImplementationValidationJustificationBuildReviewModernizationAssesmentConfigureKnowledgeTransferProof of Concept (optional)EngagementEngagementAnalyzeDesignBuild5-15 days3-8 weeksProject Iterations 1-nPreparationAwarenessScopeUX DesignScope
Build Review Configure Knowledge Transfer Iterative Process Scope UX Design Implementation Design Build Validation Proof of Concept (optional) Analyze Justification Modernization Assesment Engagement Engagement Preparation Awareness 5-15 days 3-8 weeks Project Interations 1-n
The Progress OpenEdge Application Evolution Methodology

The Progress OpenEdge Application Evolution Methodology

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The Seven Keys to Successful Modernization

Keeping pace with the needs of your users is an ongoing process that starts with thinking about where your business is today and where you want it to be tomorrow. Whatever your OpenEdge technology or architecture, we are here to help you quickly and smoothly make the changes you need to improve your business application’s agility and performance.

Extensibility and Integration

The ability to extend information and capabilities across many connections, devices and data sources.


The ability to grow and scale as the number of users and connections increases without affecting performance.


The measurement of response time to act on a user’s input or finish an amount of work under normal and peak loads.

High Availability

The measurement against a goal of continuous uptime and avoidance of data loss due to a disaster or breach.


The ability to extend information and capabilities across many connections, devices and data sources.

Organizational Agility

The organization’s agile culture and ability to develop and deploy new application functionality quickly and productively.

Engaging Usability

The presentation layer’s ability to provide intuitive and exciting experiences for users.

A Comprehensive Approach to Enhancing Your OpenEdge Application with Sigrid for Progress

How Will You Modernize Your Application?

By embarking on a journey of continuous application evolution, enterprises can position themselves to be more agile while continuing to drive value to the business. The Progress Professional Services modernization process enables businesses to establish improved time to market, increased productivity and lower overall costs. Find the modernization path that helps you achieve your business goals.

Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge Services

Engage our experts to migrate and optimize PAS for OpenEdge to meet your business needs.

CI/CD Services

Let us help you build a CI/CD strategy that empowers fast, reliable software delivery.

UI/UX Design

Craft the ideal user experience for your application.

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The Progress Professional Services team is dedicated, knowledgeable and responsive. Let’s discuss how to increase your productivity and get the most out of your Progress products.