OpenEdge WebClient Executables

The OpenEdge® WebClient™ is an ABL GUI client that allows you to deploy OpenEdge applications remotely—over the Web, intranet, extranet, WAN or LAN. WebClient is available for the Windows platforms.

Once downloaded, installed, and configured on a client machine, the WebClient, using IntelliStream technology, will automatically install the application and update as necessary.

For information on deploying WebClient applications and using IntelliStream dynamic download technology, please refer to the OpenEdge documentation.

The OpenEdge WebClient prior to version 11.4 is available only for the 32-bit Windows® Intel® platform. The OpenEdge WebClient is licensed to operate only in conjunction with additional OpenEdge products such as the OpenEdge Application Server. You must agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA) before downloading. A serial number and control codes are not required for installation.

To begin:

  • Click on the appropriate version and bit-size below
  • Read and accept the EULA
  • Unzip the downloaded package
  • Select the “setup.exe”
  • Select “Yes” for the License Agreement
  • Follow the install prompts

The following executables are available for download free of charge to existing OpenEdge customers. Use the Sales Support portal to get a login.

  • AppServer Internet Adapter Executables
  • Progress NameServer Executables
  • WebSpeed Messenger Executables
  • Supplemental PROMSGS
  • Adapter for Sonic ESB
  • SQL Client Access
  • Web Services Adapter (WSA)