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Staff Augmentation

Maximize your team’s performance with a tactical asset—seasoned professionals to meet your needs without the administrative burden of onboarding FTEs.

An endless flow of projects can stretch your development team to the max, jeopardizing go-to-market and even the quality of the projects themselves. That’s where Progress experts can help, by:

  • Keeping projects on track by pitching in beside your team
  • Supporting leadership during the project planning phase
  • Reviewing architecture in minute detail to uncover and mitigate trouble areas
  • Optimizing your architecture to get the most out of the solutions you already have
  • Ensure that your mobile apps cover all user flows, perform well under heavy load, and don’t break with new feature releases with help from Progress. We’ll even train you on programming the testing framework of Progress®.

Progress consultants are available when and where you need them, for as long as you need them.
An added bonus: your permanent team can learn new skills from our consultants while they’re there.

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Beyond exceptional tools, our services and training help you build better applications and improve your processes.

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