OpenEdge Services

When your business needs help with an OpenEdge product, let the people with the most experience and customer success guide you through. We’ll get there together.

Pro2 Services

Your data is only as powerful as your ability to use it. If it’s locked in a slow system, your business will only suffer. That’s where Progress OpenEdge Pro2 comes in.

Gain fast and easy access to mission-critical data, with built-in replication support for Progress databases. Easily replicate from OpenEdge to a separate OpenEdge, SQL Server or Oracle database—all guided by our knowledgeable service team.

Less waiting means more work gets done, and that’s what our services are all about.

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Analytics360 Services

Smart business is all about making timely, yet informed decisions. While you likely have the data you need, it may be locked in disparate systems and require time and resources to access. If yours is going unused, you're not alone.

Good thing there’s an excellent analytics system you can implement faster to increase your ROI—Progress Analytics360. Sure we're biased, but you can leverage your pre-built content with this Gartner-ranked toolset, helping you minimize risk. Effectively manage security, multilingual, multicurrency, help, notes and menus, along with about 120 pre-built KPIs and widgets. Combine this complete set of business intelligence tools with our team of professionals to help you design, develop and deploy a customized BI solution, and you’ll marvel how you ever lived without it.

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OpenEdge Management Services


Avoiding problems is an important part of managing any database. This makes monitoring database performance KPIs especially important. OpenEdge Management Services can help you set-up detailed reports to identify issues and threshold warnings—before they happen. Customize reports to meet the needs of your business. From Database I/O, Growth, BI and AI activity to APW efficiency and peak load times, our team can help you keep your database running smoothly.

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Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)


TDE protects your data from unauthorized access to your data without altering the application.

Progress OpenEdge Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) provides transparent encryption of the database, without altering the application at all. Combine that with the over 200 years of OpenEdge services experience, and your system will be properly configured. Employee records, credit information and your intellectual property will all be safe. Set it, and forget it, secure that your data is safe.

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Customer Proof


74% of surveyed IT organizations who selected Progress for OpenEdge services, tuning, or consulting report a very strong or better return on investment regarding their engagement.

SOURCE: TechValidate