Software as a Service: The Opportunity is Unmistakable

SaaS is an unstoppable seismic shift for ISV business models. Progress has the programs and resources to help OpenEdge Application Partners embrace SaaS and the profitability it offers.

Shifting Markets, Rising Revenues

SaaS vendors draw regular revenue in exchange for providing support throughout the life of the contract. The strength of SaaS as a market opportunity is clear from the metrics—29 percent of vendors reported year over year revenue growth of 100 percent or more.1

1 The Softletter SaaS Report - 2016



Seizing the SaaS Opportunity: Getting Started Guide

The SaaS wave is going to continue to roll over the industry. If your focus is exclusively on-premise software, there’s only one choice—embrace SaaS.

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SaaS FastTrack Program for Progress Partners

The SaaS approach to providing software is quickly becoming the norm. If your focus is exclusively on-premise software today, you run the risk of being out-sold by competitors who can offer a more attractive business model. The SaaS FastTrack Program helps you define, create, execute and measure a SaaS strategy unique to your business. Watch webinar to learn more.

  • Solution Planning

    The solution template helps you define your cloud or SaaS solution and compare it to the on-premise equivalent. It’s an easy way to draw contrasts between the two and help define your positioning.

  • Solution Pricing

    The TCO modeling lets you quantify your overall customer value proposition, control customer transfer rates, quantify value-added services and provide input into revenue and cash flow models.

  • Market Opportunity Insight

    Compare your current market to where your transition will take you over the next four years across existing on-premise, transitioned customers and new SaaS/cloud sales channels. If you don’t have an on-premise solution, you can use the categories to predict retention, expansion and new sales.

  • Revenue Planning

    This tool automatically gathers all your results to form your SaaS revenue plan and generates both analysis and recommendations on next steps. It also enables you to define actions, owners and track the status of each part of your plan.

SaaS FastTrack Program Special offer for Progress Partners

Your $597 SaaS FastTrack annual subscription includes up to ten users and if you take advantage of our MDF offer, Progress will cover half of the annual subscription making your one-year cost only $299.



Harness the Cloud to Deliver Mission-Critical SaaS Solutions

Hear Dan Hornung, President of ROYDAN, share their experience working with ISCorp. With an overall 95% customer retention rate, ISCorp helps Progress Application Partners with their journey to the cloud through continuous monitoring, performance and security compliance and a multi-disciplinary team familiar with OpenEdge.


Seize the Opportunities

Progress OpenEdge executives are ready to have a conversation with you about accelerating your SaaS journey