OpenEdge Pro2

Gain quick, easy access to mission-critical data without disrupting normal business operations or risking stability.

Easy Access to Data Through Data Replication

Progress® OpenEdge® Pro2 is a data replication solution that provides easy access to data from your OpenEdge applications. OpenEdge Pro2 data replication solution removes connectivity limitations without disruption to normal business operations or risk to the transactional database.

With OpenEdge Pro2 data replication you create a channel for transferring Progress OpenEdge data into a Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or a target OpenEdge database for efficient reporting and analysis. As your data is updated, it is replicated to your desired database in near real-time. With your Progress OpenEdge database and target databases virtually in sync, you can use your third-party reporting solutions for up-to-date reports and business intelligence.

By leveraging Progress OpenEdge Change Data Capture (CDC), OpenEdge customers and partners can deliver low-latency, near real-time replication of that data to support not just traditional descriptive analytics, but also predictive analytics, AI-driven decisions, and time-sensitive IoT events.

Pro2 offers a new, modern UX dashboard and new UX Replication Wizard, ensuring you’ll be prepared for increasing demands for data access with expanded functionality and scalability for future growth. The UX dashboard improves efficiency and productivity, and allows proactive monitoring of performance and analytics, all while delivering a beautiful and intuitive experience that expands the product’s functionality while representing the most evolved version to date. 

Increase Efficiency With an Intuitive UI
  • The elegant and intuitive UX dashboard eases configuration and management chores plus allows proactive monitoring of performance and analytics
  • Get easier mapping from source to target
  • Establish replication processes quickly and easily
  • Instantly get a picture of actions and processes
Improve Productivity  
  • The new UX Replication Wizard allows creation of new replication processes within the product, without having to maintain external parameter files
  • Job Runner, UX Actions and UX Mapping allow control of processes within the browser
  • Bulk Load functionality can be managed directly from the browser and eases set up and maintenance
  • An easier upgrade process ensures backward compatibility
Scale for Growth  
  • Pro2  prepares you for the future with enterprise-level views and aggregated data across all environments
  • Leverage Progress Change Data Capture (CDC) to rapidly deliver near real-time replication
  • Get the same great Pro2 performance with improved usability, agility, scalability and productivity

What’s New in OpenEdge Pro2 6.2

Change Data Capture (CDC) Replication Speed 

In Pro2 6.2, CDC replication records are consumed directly by Pro2 bypassing the need for the records to be converted and decrease total time of replication. 

Bulk-load Process Optimized 

The bulk-load process is optimized to directly generate native SQL Insert statements and wrap multiple inserts into a single target transaction— improving the efficiency of the load process. For table loads that run for days or weeks, the impact can be proven to be dramatic. Because the new bulk-load method is a Pro2 produced methodology, this new feature operates identically in both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server environments, allowing Pro2 to provide wide-transaction support in Microsoft SQL Server environments. 


How it works

Replication triggers or Change Data Capture automatically capture all data changes; this means minimal information is written to the queue to identify the updated record.

Next, the multi-threaded replication process retrieves the updated record and the queued data in the replication is moved to the target database. Done in near real-time, the I/O operation is optimized with the updated record residing in cache. Any analysis can be run against current data in a replicated database, leaving the transactional database resources to their normal activities, all while feeling confident your data is accurate and secure.


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