OpenEdge Management

Proactively monitor and keep applications running smoothly from anywhere.


Organizations need assurance that their business applications are constantly available and capable of quickly responding to any failure. With OpenEdge Management your IT team can proactively monitor and keep applications running smoothly from anywhere.

Solutions Overview

OpenEdge Management

Become more efficient, reduce management costs, and ensure high-availability and performance. Find out how you can deliver fast ROI with tools designed to optimize performance of your system. 

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Key Benefits

  • Monitor database use in real-time
  • Troubleshoot problems, before they occur
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Meet SLAs

OpenEdge delivers all this, despite peak processing demands, power users and a dependence on remote systems providing essential data into the central complex. You can even automate asset monitoring at the task level by customizing templates and configuring alerts and notifications to monitor performance thresholds. There is also a reporting and job scheduling facility built into the software to create best practice jobs and reports to maintain your OpenEdge environment.


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