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Simplify Complex Data with a Unified Data Platform to Achieve Data Agility

Solve your most complex data challenges and unlock more value with the MarkLogic Data Platform.

Solving Complex Data Challenges

About the MarkLogic Data Platform

Eliminate data and knowledge silos with the only enterprise-grade, unified data platform that lets you respond quickly to business change while providing rigorous data governance and transformational data security.

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Connect and Manage Complex Data

Unify data and metadata while ensuring data quality and security. Deploy anywhere with trusted, enterprise capabilities.

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Create Metadata to Interpret Data and Its Meaning

Put information in context with our no-code metadata engine that uses machine learning and knowledge models.

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Consume Knowledge Across the Enterprise

Use industry-standard APIs and programming languages to deliver data in context for multiple users and multiple use cases.

  • Informed search
  • Contextual applications
  • Facts-based intelligence
  • Grounded analytics

Speed Time-to-Value


Faster Data Integration


Productivity Improvement


Faster Info Access

Data Visionaries

Our customers have changed the way they work with and use data to unlock new opportunities, generate more value from their data and rapidly respond to new business requirements.

If a specific event occurred on a flight and people wanted to know if it already happened in the past, it could take weeks to discover. Now it only takes minutes. Identifying these cases can be useful to qualify if a new flight test is required or not.

Head of Aircraft Data Processing

Flexible Deployment & Licencing

Deploy MarkLogic on-premises or in the cloud. Try the free, full-featured version for development use.

Learning & Resources

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Data Agility with MarkLogic

Don’t waste time stitching together components. MarkLogic combines the power of a multi-model database, search, and semantic AI technology in a single platform with mastering, metadata management, government-grade security, and more.