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The Data Platform for Healthcare Organizations

MarkLogic empowers organizations across the healthcare ecosystem—including health plans, hospitals, clinically integrated networks, health IT vendors and pharmaceutical companies—to succeed in this dynamic and increasingly value-based market.

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Thriving in a Value-Based Market

Healthcare organizations often create data silos by buying or building new data warehouses, data lakes and applications, disconnecting key business units and driving up costs in the process. Another standalone point solution isn’t the answer. An enterprise platform that is change-friendly and integrates data faster lies at the heart of success and tackles key challenges, including:

Healthcare and service delivery data comes in a wide variety of unstructured formats

Incomplete patient records due to unintegrated, incompatible data formats

Difficulties keeping up with changing security and industry regulations

Next-Generation Healthcare Data Management

The MarkLogic data platform eliminates friction at every step of the data integration process, delivering value across the healthcare landscape. By simplifying data integration between patients, healthcare providers and insurance companies, MarkLogic helps healthcare organizations get a 360-degree view of patient interactions, support early patient interventions and improve health outcomes.

A Document-Oriented and Human-Centric Approach to Patient Care

Remove Barriers Across Systems and Providers

Connect, consolidate and harmonize data from patient records, medical tests, claims, financial contracts and all your relevant documents as-is in one platform for a comprehensive view of your patients. MarkLogic allows you to do that in a fraction of the time and budget you planned for.

Protect HPI and Meet Regulatory Compliance

With built-in role-based access control, element-level security, redaction and database encryption at rest with external key management, MarkLogic enables healthcare organizations to protect sensitive patient data and comply with HIPAA and other healthcare regulations.

Achieve Better Patient Outcomes

MarkLogic allows practitioners to quickly access all the relevant patient information in real time to drive accurate and rapid diagnoses and provide the best service your patients deserve.

“MarkLogic is able to make sense of information by ingesting it into a data hub. Then it applies indexing, organization, ontology and taxonomy so now the data makes sense and is searchable.”

Scott Christman

CIO, Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development

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