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Enterprise Data Fabric Architecture Features

Maximize the value of your data and accelerate innovation with a modern data fabric architecture powered by the single, unified MarkLogic data platform.

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Implement a Data Fabric

Ingest data as-is and use full enrichment and data consumption pipelines to deliver data and everything you know about it to your users, from a single service.

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Integrate all your data and metadata in a single enterprise-grade data platform.

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Model your enterprise knowledge graph and use semantic AI to create metadata.

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Deliver unified, high-quality data in context to its use case and audience.

Speed Time-to-Value


Faster Data Integration


Productivity Improvement


Faster Info Access

Why Choose MarkLogic?

Deliver results faster, with less risk, using a single platform packed with capabilities and proven in enterprise environments.

Metadata Management

Harmonize, extract, and create metadata to interpret, filter, and connect your complex data. Manage data and metadata as a single resource in a unified platform so you can make insightful decisions—faster.

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Knowledge Graph Modeling

Collaboratively create and harmonize business concepts, relationships, and meaning using standards-based knowledge models.

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Multi-Model Data Integration

Simplify your data architecture so you can stop spending time on ETL and MDM and start getting more value from your data—faster.

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Data Security & Governance

Ensure the highest levels of protection for your data, rapidly implement data policies, and apply end-to-end governance.

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MarkLogic Data Fabric Features

MarkLogic offers a unified platform for enabling a data fabric, bringing together elements that otherwise could require 15 or more different vendor solutions to replicate.

Knowledge Graph

Create and harmonize business concepts, relationships, and meaning.

Real-time Pipelines

Ingest, curate, and consume data faster, and achieve data agility to respond quickly to change.

Active, Augmented & Semantic Metadata

Go beyond basic metadata to deliver intelligent, dynamic, and meaningful data.


Get precise and consistent results with automated and SME-driven text classification.

Operational & Analytical Use Cases

Power applications across the enterprise with a single data service.

Data & Metadata as a Single Resource

Improve your data management with a single platform that keeps data and metadata together.

“The Data Fabric … allows us to create efficiency and high-throughput performance by staying lean and fit-for-purpose.”

Vice President - Enterprise Architecture


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Learning & Resources

Bringing Data Closer to Decision Makers with Data Fabric
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Data Agility with MarkLogic

Don’t waste time stitching together components. MarkLogic combines the power of a multi-model database, search, and semantic AI technology in a single platform with mastering, metadata management, government-grade security, and more.