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The Data Platform for Insurance Companies

With its next-generation database, MarkLogic enables insurance organizations to achieve the operational agility and cost reduction that drives business growth.

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Insurance Organizations Need to Innovate
to Scale

Efficient claims handling is vital to improving sales margins and customer retention at insurance companies. To that end, they need a holistic view of their business across several areas, including customers, operations and risk assessment.

Performing risk assessment manually leads to less precise decisions and higher loss ratio

Disparate data sources slow down claims handling, magnifying your operational costs

Growing diversity of customer use cases stalls insurance applications assessment

Provide a True Foundation for Transformation

MarkLogic unlocks the value of all the information that exists across your organization, enabling compliance, managing risk, driving market insight and powering better customer experiences.

Put an End to Obstructive Data Silos

Improve Underwriting Efficiency and Accuracy with a Unified data View

Power faster, more accurate risk assessment with a 360-degree view. With the MarkLogic data hub, insurance organizations can integrate all the data required to empower underwriters to make better-informed decisions, faster.

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A Modern Solution for Modern Data

Yesterday’s technology wasn’t designed to handle today’s increasingly complex governance, risk and compliance landscape. MarkLogic’s modern, agile and secure problem solver that checks all the boxes.

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Customer 360: Unlock the Value of Your Data

Keeping your customers engaged and happy while reducing costs to innovate is simpler than you think. Improve risk, client retention and operational efficiency with a unified, actionable 360-degree view of your customer.

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Breaking Down Data Silos with Erie Insurance
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