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The Data Platform for Retail Companies

Solve your retail big data problems with the MarkLogic unified data platform. Integrate all your information sources and power new applications to enhance business performance.

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Retail Organizations Need to Innovate to Scale

The retail industry faces significant challenges driven by omni-channel sales, the shift to 1:1 marketing and pricing transparency in the age of mobile and online technologies. Retailers spend the bigger chunk of their time collecting data, leaving little time for analysis. They have big data but little insight.

Retailers struggle to manage and exploit a deluge of new data sources

User demographics, location and preferences are disconnected from internal data sources

Rigid relational technology cannot scale along with company growth

Empowered to Solve Retail’s Big Data Challenges

MarkLogic unlocks the value of all the information that exists across your organization, enabling data compliance, operational agility, managing risk, driving market insight and powering better customer experiences.

Deliver Better Retail Experiences

Meet Customers Where They Are

Seamlessly connect the user experience across channels and departments. MarkLogic’s centralized data view enables customer service teams online and in-store to have a complete history of the customer and quickly find the exact information they need.

Easily Personalize Product and Promotion Offerings

Activate users by recommending relevant products on their preferred channel and device. MarkLogic’s embedded machine learning powers smart algorithms as well as your analytics tool, CRM and content management systems to help you analyze consumer behavior.

Gain Product and Supply Chain Visibility

Streamline operations and effectively manage inventory, orders, transportation and delivery in one place to ensure the availability of goods and services while reducing costs and errors. MarkLogic gives you a trusted, comprehensive view of your business so you can anticipate needs and plan resources accordingly.

“With a minimal investment in the technology, we discovered a 600 percent more effective way to match customers to events, as well as dropping opt-out rates for our B2B marketing team. We’re building products around our customers’ workflow and making their lives easier—which translates into greater revenue opportunities.”

Gene Bishop

VP of Technology, ALM

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