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From R&D and supply chain to pharmacovigilance and real-world evidence generation, MarkLogic is enabling pharma organizations to rapidly ingest, access and achieve insight from all their pharmaceutical data at less cost.

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Effectively Use Data to Drive Insights

With new drugs requiring over a decade to develop at a cost of billions of dollars, today’s drug manufacturers are under pressure to move products to market faster. But, to do this, pharmas must first overcome the key challenges that prevent them from putting more of their data to use, including:

Difficulty managing high volumes of variable data, from both internal & external data sources

Slow and often manual data integration and modelling processes, hold back data scientists and business insights

Data governance and security across siloed systems becoming an unmanagable and posing systemic business risks

Difficulty synthesizing responses from multiple sources and documents

The MarkLogic Data Hub Service for
Pharma R&D

The MarkLogic Data Hub Service for Pharma R&D

A single pane of glass that provides easy access to the widest possible array of R&D data available, the hub delivers 10X faster pharma data integration to advance collaboration and discovery.

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“We’ve derived operational benefits in terms of cost reduction, efficiencies, and, in analytics, we’ve come up with better reporting mechanisms, which helps in risk management.”

Dr. Alice Clare Augustine

Taxonomy Management Lead, Amgen

Bring Together All Your Pharma Data at Less Time and Cost

Advance Drug Discovery With the R&D Platform of the Future

After FDA or CE approval, a drug manufacturer must still prove the value of its drug to patients, providers and payers. MarkLogic’s future-ready, agile data technology helps pharmas shorten development cycles to accelerate the development of new drugs.

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Accelerate Detection of Adverse Events

MarkLogic’s operational data hub enhances detection of adverse events at every point in the drug lifecycle—empowering pharmas to avoid regulatory roadblocks and costly fines while protecting their reputations with both patients and regulators.

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Achieve Better Visibility Into Fragmented Pharma Supply Chains

Pharmaceutical manufacturers struggle to achieve visibility and control of fragmented supply chains, compromising their ability to deliver safe medications to patients and comply with regulatory mandates. Learn how MarkLogic’s data hub empowers pharmas with faster insight and simpler oversight.

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Real World Evidence

For Life Sciences companies, Real World Evidence (RWE) initiatives present a golden opportunity to demonstrate the clinical and economic value of their drugs and medical devices and to get those products to market faster.

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