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Information Extraction Software to Find Meaning in Your Data

Get more value from your structured and unstructured information by identifying and extracting hidden facts and relationships.

Information Extraction Software

Reveal enterprise wisdom with machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP). The Semaphore Fact Extraction framework bridges the gap between SMEs – who understand their content – and the IT specialists who understand the process of extracting it.

User-friendly graphical UI

Model-driven software for business users to define accurate and robust criteria for extraction of context.

Fact Extraction Rules and Classification

Use NLP, existing knowledge models, and AI entity recognition to identify and extract hidden facts and relationships in documents.

Knowledge Discovery

Send results to AI, ML, and BI systems for discovery of latent patterns and knowledge not previously known to your business.

“It transforms unstructured data into intelligence information that helps the organization for decision making.”

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IT Services Industry

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More Data, More Insight

Transform unstructured and semi-structured text into highly structured, concrete data elements that can be