AIRBUS is Reducing the Costs and Time of Flight Tests



  • Reduced data discovery time to minutes from weeks to months
  • Improved security
  • Eliminated redundant, costly and time-consuming tests
  • Optimized new flight tests

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Two years ago, they used to do time-consuming, flight-by-flight analysis. Today, they can compare thousands of tests quickly—this is part of the multi-flight analysis revolution.

Laurent Peltiers

Test Data Processing Expert, Flight & Integration Test Center, AIRBUS


AIRBUS is leveraging MarkLogic’s multi-model data platform for rapid information ingestion, integration and discovery, as well as MarkLogic Semantics to link data and events in order to provide a comprehensive picture of tests and results. To keep this data safe in AWS, AIRBUS implemented MarkLogic Advanced Encryption and MarkLogic’s Element-level Security. The solution allows AIRBUS to optimize flight hours, provide operational data during conception phase, ease analysis to improve aircraft maturity and create predictive models before delivery.


With a MarkLogic Data Hub on AWS, AIRBUS is reducing the costs and time of flight tests. MarkLogic helps makes information more discoverable than its previous system, which makes tests more efficient—if necessary at all. Additionally, MarkLogic ensures a secure platform for AIRBUS to conduct these sensitive operations.

Reduced Discoverability Time

With MarkLogic, AIRBUS has reduced the time it takes to discover information from months and weeks to minutes.

Improved Useability

AIRBUS can search data without coding, and claims, “almost anybody can use it.”

Speed Time-to-Knowledge

In addition to making data more discoverable, AIRBUS has also made it re-usable. Data can now be applied to future tests, which improves time-to-knowledge.

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