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Enterprise Knowledge Graph Database to Bring Data Together

Put information in context to make smarter decisions, accelerate innovation, and enable secure data sharing with an enterprise knowledge graph.

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Reinvent Knowledge Management

Discover, extract, and harmonize hidden facts within your data to model your enterprise knowledge. Use the enterprise knowledge graph to power modern architectures like data fabrics and digital twins.

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Ingest multi-structured data and metadata as-is and curate it throughout its lifecycle.

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Use no-code tools for fact extraction, NLP-based text classification, and data enrichment to add meaning.

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Support complex multi-model queries, customer experience initiatives, and secure data sharing.

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Faster Data Integration


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Faster Info Access

Why Choose MarkLogic for Enterprise Knowledge Graph?

More than just a graph database, the MarkLogic data platform combines a multi-model database with semantic AI technology to synthesize, enrich, extract, and harmonize all types of metadata, greatly simplifying the creation and sharing of data meaning.

Knowledge Graph Modeling

Collaboratively create and harmonize business concepts, relationships, and meaning using standards-based knowledge models.

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Metadata Management

Harmonize, extract, and create metadata to interpret, filter, and connect your complex data. With data and metadata as a single resource in a unified platform, you can make insightful decisions—faster.

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Data Enrichment

Combine data and metadata to create a single, enhanced, more trusted source of data and what it means—ready for immediate use.

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Multi-Model Data Integration

Load data faster—and make changes faster—while preserving lineage, provenance, and other metadata.

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Build. Scale. Evolve.

Integrate data, discover knowledge, and perform in-depth analysis across the enterprise. Create, scale, and transform your knowledge graph to meet changing business needs.


Combine document, semantic graph, geospatial, and relational models with native storage for JSON, XML, text, RDF triples, geospatial, and binaries like PDFs, images, and videos.

Fact Extraction

Analyze structured and unstructured information to identify and extract hidden facts and relationships in content.

NLP-Based Text Classification

Process content and extract information using model-generated rules, NLP, and ML to get the best of both worlds—precise and consistent results with the ease of automation.

Data Enrichment

Combine data and metadata to create a single, enhanced, more trusted source of data and what it means—ready for immediate use.

No-Code Tools for Collaboration

Achieve better results by keeping subject matter experts and end users in the loop to define data and its context.

Built for the Enterprise

Benefit from a scalable, secure, governed solution that is proven in mission-critical environments across industries, around the world.

Slips, Trips and Falls: Proactive Care through Predictive Analytics

A senior care agency applied semantics and predictive analytics to improve patient care and reduce overall costs.

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Data Agility with MarkLogic

Don’t waste time stitching together components. MarkLogic combines the power of a multi-model database, search, and semantic AI technology in a single platform with mastering, metadata management, government-grade security, and more.