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The Most Robust Data Platform for Manufacturing

From R&D to production to customer service, MarkLogic drives your mission-critical business decisions by connecting data across every part of the manufacturing process while keeping your costs under control.

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Industry 4.0 Demands Digital Transformation

You know your products and your operations. And you know that getting more from your data is becoming imperative to increase efficiency, ensure quality, reduce risk and better serve your customers. But traditional approaches to data integration have built up technical debt and bring significant challenges:

Lack of real-time insight into your manufacturing process prevents you from delivering the products and services your customers need

Disconnected ERP, BOM and PLM systems don’t give your organization the comprehensive overview it needs to run operations

Fragmented access to information makes it difficult to scale and streamline production processes

Industrialize Your Data with MarkLogic

A data hub has emerged as a more agile approach to keep up with today’s fast-moving business demands. With support for secure operations, accurate reporting and analysis over the full lifecycle of data, the agile MarkLogic platform makes it easier to adapt to changes, innovate faster and industrialize your data to make it the critical asset for your future.

Make All Your Systems Work Together in Real Time

Take Your Products to Market Faster

From designs to the warehouse—make all your data talk to each other. The MarkLogic data hub helps you fast-track your goods to market, digitalize your supply chain and deliver exceptional customer service.

Drive Production Optimization and Keep Costs Under Control

Easily integrate your siloed data, providing traceability across your supply chain, and enabling rapid delivery of a host of internal and customer-facing applications.

Harmonize Data to Enable Fieldwork Operations in Real Time

Funnel sensors, equipment and inspection data generated in the field to your server or the Cloud in real time. The MarkLogic robust data platform organizes and harmonizes all your data in the backend to help drive organizational insights for smart decision-making.

“We needed a technology that could create that 360 view of our projects, and the MarkLogic Data Hub was really the only option for us.”

Doug Myers

CIO, Suffolk Construction

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Industry 4.0 and Challenges Manufacturers Face
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