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End-to-End Data Security and Governance

Ensure the highest levels of protection for your data, rapidly implement data policies, and apply end-to-end governance.

For the Full Data Supply Chain

Along with the digitalization of virtually everything, the importance of data governance is on the rise. Now, you need context around the data that drives decision making. You get that context with metadata, which supplies both traceability and meaning.

The MarkLogic data platform tightly couples data and metadata and includes bitemporal and smart mastering features that help ensure data trust and accountability. Apply data management policies and track provenance and lineage with ease.

Classification Tools

Consistently and accurately assess and tag information and provide a transparent and complete audit trail of the compliance checking process.

Document Fingerprinting

Intelligently identify and secure assets that might contain sensitive information or trade secrets.


Keep track of when an event occurred (the valid time), as well as when the information was added (the system time), so you can fully recreate any truth—no matter how long gone—as it was, in any given moment.

Smart Mastering

Match and merge data from different sources without the need for a separate master data management (MDM) solution. Leverage our patented search indexes to make it easier than ever to query across all data sources that were previously siloed.

Transformational Data Security

MarkLogic offers advanced enterprise data security controls that are beyond what any other multi-model database or platform offers. That’s why large investment banks, major healthcare organizations, and classified government systems all trust MarkLogic with their most critical data assets.

Learning & Resources

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Improve Data Integration

Eliminate the effect of data and knowledge silos in your organization with a single platform that connects all of your multi-structured data.