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The Data Platform for Financial Services

In an increasingly complex marketplace, the MarkLogic data platform gives financial services organizations the ability to adapt to changing business needs, navigate the regulatory maze and improve customer experiences.

MarkLogic Financial Services

The Challenges of Financial Services

Financial institutions generate vast amounts of data from a variety of sources, including transactions, customer information and market data, and need to respond to regulatory requirements.

Poor data quality and lack of data integrity, across siloed data stores, often manually maintained leads to costly errors

Siloed data, segmented access and multiple point solutions hampers data & business agility whilst increasing cybersecurity risks

Growing complexity and increased change velocity in regulatory requirements poses risks of non-compliance and considerable fines

Single Data Platform for Complete Visibility

MarkLogic's innovative technology enables you to bring greater transparency and agility to your business, in real time, with robust data management, high performance and built-in security.

Why Do Customers Choose MarkLogic?

We chose MarkLogic because trade data is notoriously difficult to handle in relational databases. We found the breadth of MarkLogic’s multi-model database and associated features, such as security and ACID transactions, to be compelling.

Jaap Boersma Principal Architect for Capital Markets Solutions
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We set it up in just a few days—and the instance in just a few minutes—and it was secure and reliable.

Gayathri Pandurangan Head of Technology, International Wealth Management
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We leverage innovative technologies like MarkLogic to help us deliver with speed and agility, ingest data more rapidly than we could before, and make it available to our businesses.

Maureen Penzenik Data Architect
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Consolidate All Your Systems for a 360° Customer View

Handle Large Structured and Unstructured Data

Bring internal and external data together into a single platform, where it can be managed, analyzed and accessed in real time. Gain complete visibility into your data for strategically-sound decision making.

Make Sense of Complex Data Relationships

A flexible data model enables you to define and manage relationships between customer accounts, trades and payments, allowing your organization to gain a deeper understanding of your data.

Meet the Highest Security Standards and Protect Customer Privacy

Ensure sensitive data is protected against unauthorized access and breaches with built-in security features, such as encryption, access control and auditing, helping you meet security requirements and ensure regulatory compliance for PCI DSS, BSA and MIFID II.

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Learning & Resources

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Ready for The Next Step?

See for yourself how MarkLogic can deliver solutions to your data challenges. If you have any questions or are ready for the next step, reach out and let’s set up some time to chat.