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Enterprise Knowledge Graph Modeling to Uncover Knowledge

Collaboratively create and harmonize business concepts, relationships, and meaning using standards-based knowledge models and achieve data agility across the enterprise.

Benefits of Data Knowledge Graph

Build your knowledge model, scale it, enrich it through collaboration with experts and stakeholders, and integrate the model with user-facing discovery tools.

Create & Maintain Knowledge Models

Create, manage, and govern knowledge models over their lifetime with an easy-to-use web-based interface.

Collaborate With Subject Matter Experts

Leverage business expertise to ensure the model accurately reflects your organization’s data.

Enrich Your Knowledge Model

Extend the knowledge model using Machine Learning.

Model Mapping & Linked Data

Link internal and industry-standard data to improve reuse, control access, and enable model governance.

Workflow & Lifecycle Management

Promote task-centric information governance and defined best practices.

“We are building out our taxonomy and data maps for the information management of the company. We hit a point where the amount of information made it nearly impossible to manage the details. This tool provides so much more.”

Global Privacy & Information Management Compliance Advisor

Energy & Utilities Industry

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Simplify and Accelerate Knowledge Graph Modeling

Get faster time to value by using the knowledge model development tools available in the MarkLogic data platform that let you immediately put the model to work within your enterprise.