DXP That More Than Pays for Itself—The Overall Economic Value of Sitefinity

DXP That More Than Pays for Itself—The Overall Economic Value of Sitefinity

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The Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) report showed that Progress Sitefinity DXP provides a stunning 245% Return on Investment with a 13-month payback. Learn how.

When IT pros look for credible ROI research, Forrester Research is the go-to company. Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) reports are the gold standard for how they approach IT economic analysis and objectively evaluate the benefit of specific technologies.

This year Forrester aimed its ROI lens on Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and dissected the precise economic payoff from a leading DXP—Sitefinity from Progress. The findings are not guesswork, but calculated based on in-depth interviews with Sitefinity customers who share their economic returns.

The Total Economic Impact of Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Platform report showed that Sitefinity provides a remarkable 245% Return on Investment with a 13-month payback. That is some serious payback.

Before we dive too deep, let’s get our definitions in order. So, what is Sitefinity? Let’s let Forrester explain: “Sitefinity is a digital experience platform as a service (PaaS) that allows organizations to optimize their collection, management, and delivery of content through real-time metrics, improved collaboration, and streamlined, automated content creation and distribution features. With Sitefinity, enterprises can present measurable, effective content to improve engagement in a more efficient, collaborative manner,” the research house said.

High-Level Benefits

Forrester found serious high-level benefits. “The customer interviews and financial analysis found that a composite organization experiences benefits of $3.47M over three years versus costs of $1.0M, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $2.47M and an ROI of 245%,” Forrester found.

The payback largely came from modernizing web development. “Prior to adopting Sitefinity, the customers were using a variety of outdated, disparate web tools. Due to a lack of a centralized, standardized system, going live with a new content feature sometimes required weeks to create, review, approve, and upload. The absence of a unified platform resulted in cross-organizational inefficiencies and content redundancies,” Forrester explained. “After the investment in Sitefinity, the interviewed customers were able to standardize and better control content creation and presentation, as well as provide a more attractive, user-friendly interface for both external customers and internal teams. This new process of content population resulted in consistent organizational messaging, a decrease in content workflow redundancies, and productivity gains for the web team and other departments within the interviewed organizations.”

E-Commerce: DXP to COVID Revenue Rescue

The COVID-10 pandemic and social distancing guidelines made a switch to digital imperative for so many bricks and mortar companies.

Tom Tailor, the German lifestyle brand wasn’t about to let that happen to them. In 2020 the COVID pandemic forced a slew of Tom Tailor’s locations to close at least temporarily, the company immediately set to work on a killer new ecommerce experience site built from scratch with Sitefinity.

Tom Tailor turned to Slovenian digital agency Vareo which brought in Sitefinity to quicky build a sharp e-comm website integrated with the Ucommerce ecommerce solution. “With other ecommerce systems, you always run into the problem of content management,” said Gorazd Planinc, Martech Solution Architect and Owner, Vareo. “You wind up constantly moving between systems to run different parts of the business. Sitefinity with the Ucommerce integration enabled us to do everything from one place—this is real power when it comes to selling products,” he added.

Sitefinity integration came in handy for other services beyond Ucommerce. The new site also integrates with the company’s ERP solution, and image CDN to show products for sale. The results were fast and furious—killer you might say. Ten days after the e-comm site went live, it outsold the average brick-and-mortar store, generating an extra 10% in revenue, without any additional marketing and promotion expenses.

Two Examples of Real World DXP Benefits

Tom Tailor

German fashion retailer Tom Tailor moved to Sitefinity to shift from bricks and mortar selling to online due to COVID lockdowns—and made a killing with e-commerce. Did it cost more money to make more money? Quite the opposite. Since Sitefinity is so user-friendly, non-technical marketing staff fully control the site, with no need for outside help—cutting the company’s retainer expenses 70%. “With Sitefinity and Ucommerce, we were able to deliver the online shopping experience that our customers didn’t even know they wanted. And by filling that gap, we’ve also been able to create a new revenue stream that enables us to grow our brand in new markets and reach new audiences,” said Aljosa Bajrovic, General Manager, Tom Tailor SEE.


Software vendor MasterControl is awash in web content, with over 3,000 web pages translated into English, French and German.

The company wanted a new web site that would make a statement—and boost conversions. “We wanted to update the brand and make it stand out against our competitors,” said Charlie Lynch, Senior Director of Digital Experience. At the same time, Lynch’s digital experience team wanted streamlined content management so a broad swath of users could easily build pages while maintaining the holistic website design and user experience.

The Sitefinity DXP Story

Companies large and small look to Sitefinity to engage audiences with thoughtful, relevant content; personalized experiences that increase conversions; a consistent, responsive experience across all channels, including mobile; ready integration with backend systems; digital commerce; and Sitefinity Insight to track, analyze and shape every step of the customer journey.

Let’s walk through the major DXP benefits and how they were successfully exploited by our cast of killer website characters. Areas and use cases include:

Get the Full Sitefinity ROI Skinny

The Forrester TEI DXP report shows Sitefinity can deliver a 245% ROI, and details an array of savings and business benefits enabled by the Sitefinity Digital Experience Platform.

Digital is the new directive for businesses across the globe. In fact, according to a survey conducted among business leaders, close to 80% said they had a top-down mandate to turn digital into a competitive differentiator, and 48% even called it an “urgent” priority. 

For any business under immense pressure to drive digital transformation, a digital experience platform (DXP) can be an invaluable asset. However, with many modern marketers forced to justify every expense, they also need to keep their budget in mind and choose a platform that provides a return on investment.

Progress Sitefinity offers the best of both worlds—a powerful, easy-to-use DXP that helps deliver measurable results. Forrester recently conducted a study into the total economic impact of Sitefinity and concluded that customers could see an ROI of 245%.

See how real-world businesses are using Sitefinity to drive their digital ambitions—and how you can do the same:

  • Improve integration capacity with key external applications
  • Drive digital delivery efficiency with a centralized platform approach
  • Deliver an intuitive, marketer-friendly UI that frees IT for critical projects 

Read The Total Economic Impact of Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Platform report now.

Jennifer McAdams VP of global demand generation and field marketing Progress

Jennifer McAdams

Jen McAdams was Vice President of Global Demand Generation and Field Marketing.


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