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Supercharge the Velocity of Your .NET Business Rules with Corticon 6

On-demand Webinar

Modern IT environments have become infinitely complex. This means that while the need for quick, accurate decision-making is unchanged, there is new demand for flexible and efficient deployments.

Corticon 6 was designed with this in mind, featuring a new connection layer for .NET that makes configuring .NET integrations much easier while also speeding transactions. The previous cross-compiling architecture has been replaced with a much simpler and faster architecture for bridging between .NET and Java, resulting in 3x faster performance.

View this on-demand webinar for a deep dive into how you can supercharge the speed of your .NET-enabled business rules with Corticon 6. This webinar covers:

  • How business rules affect a business's bottom-line
  • How Corticon automates business rules
  • What new features Corticon 6 brings to the market
  • How the improved .NET architecture support speeds up the business rules process


  • James Arsenault, Director, Software Engineering, Progress
  • James Goodfellow, Product Marketing Manager, Senior, Progress


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