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    • Get instant connectivity to a variety of data sources
    • No additional products required for XQuery execution
    • Streams data quickly and easily


    High Performance

    Special optimizations provide the best XQuery performance and efficient SQL execution in relational database


    XML streaming and document projection reduce the amount of memory required for processing large XML documents


    No other products or application server required, and plugs into any architecture

    Data Source Independent

    Integrates query results from XML, relational data, Web Services, EDI, legacy or any combination of data sources

    Web Service Integration

    Easily consume or create Web Services from an XQuery

    Full Updates

    Ability to insert, update and delete relational data and XML documents or streams from within XQuery applications


    Built using the XQuery and XQJ implementation and tested with XQTS

    Technical Specifications

    Progress DataDirect Connect for XQuery XML Driver
    Version 5.0.0

    Specification Support

    • XQuery 1.0 and 1.1
    • JSR-000225 XQuery API for Java (XQJ) 1.0

    Database Support

    Database Supported Versions
    DB2 V8.2, V9.1 & V9.5 for Linux, Unix
    and Windows
    DB2 V8.1 & V9.1 for z/OS
    DB2 V5R2, V5R3, V5R4 for iSeries
    Informix Dynamic Server 9.4, 10 & 11
    Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008
    MySQL Enterprise 5.0.x
    Oracle 9i (R1 and R2)
    10g (R1 and R2)
    11g (R1 and R2)
    PostgreSQL V8.1, v8.2
    NOTE: Requires the PostgreSQL
    JDBC driver
    SAP Sybase Adaptive
    Server Enterprise
    12.5.x and 15.0

    Software Requirements

    • J2SE 1.4.x or higher

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