Easily Convert Between EDI Standards and XML

A single connector supports thousands of EDI standards

Complex EDI standards are easily consumable

Quickly convert between EDI and XML documents or streams

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The Progress DataDirect Dedication to Security:

Progress DataDirect has defined a stringent set of policies and practices around product development and distribution. This ensures there is transparency with regard to third party dependencies, proactive policies, and practices to meet the highest security standards when releasing products. In addition, Progress DataDirect is dedicated to finding a timely and effective resolution to any serious security concerns that arise.


Cost Reductions

Slashes development costs and time-to-deployment for data conversion initiatives

Ease of Use

Maximize developer productivity by using standard, well known XML and I/O interfaces to provide a fast, scalable solution for converting between EDI and XML

Full Range of EDI Standard Support

Supports thousands of EDI versions and sub-versions, allowing developers to focus on business logic rather than on how to parse arcane message formats

Connect any application to any data source anywhere

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