What can DataDirect do for SQL Server?

Progress DataDirect is the trusted name in data connectivity for Microsoft SQL Server Ecosystems.

SQL Server Connectivity

Link SQL Server to Relational, NoSQL, Big Data and Cloud Sources

Full data source coverage. DataDirect Connectors work out-of-box with SQL Server Linked Server technology to connect external data sources. Leverage existing skills to build amazing applications with any supported data source or API.

Popular external data sources for SQL Server Linked Server:

Deploy standard REST APIs for front end developers and Securely Traverse Firewalls

Instant backend REST API. DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline provides a hosted REST API to your SQL Server data. You can now access this data from any mobile or web applications even from across the firewall and in a secure way.

Connect the world for SQL Server Business Intelligence

Unlimited connectors. As your organization vies for faster and better insights, your need for data of all shapes and sizes will only grow. Access the full range of data sources across SQL Server Integration and Reporting services.

Popular cloud data sources for SSIS and SSRS:

High-Performing Drivers for SQL Server Shops

DataDirect SQL Server ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET drivers and OData (REST) API work out-of-box to connect business intelligence and data integration applications directly to your SQL Server instance. Our certified and tested drivers ensure superior performance across any windows, unix / linux, aix or hp-ux systems.

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Customer Success Stories

Rebuilt its business-critical analytics system, moving from the Windows operating system to Unix, and upgrading its version of SAS, among other significant changes. Progress DataDirect provided a critical link to Nationwide’s SQL databases, reliably keeping its analytics apps up and running.

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Yamaha Motor Europe turned to Progress DataDirect Drivers after its operationally-critical website suffered performance issues.

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Over 10,000 global enterprises in 160+ countries use DataDirect, including 96 of the Fortune 100 and over 350 ISVs worldwide