What can DataDirect do for SAS?

Progress DataDirect is the trusted name in data connectivity for SAS shops.


Enterprise connectivity for SAS/ACCESS interface to ODBC

Full data source coverage. DataDirect Connectors support relational, data warehouse and big data technologies across a wide range of versions without dependencies and perfect for SAS professionals. Bulk load support is available for select data sources to export SAS Data Sets.

Most Popular Enterprise Data Sources for SAS/ACCESS interface to ODBC:

Cloud connectivity for SAS Visual Analytics and SAS/ACCESS

Self service data access. DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline ODBC drivers provide direct connectivity to SaaS APIs through a common interface as though it were a SAS data file, for rich visual analytics.

Most Popular Cloud Data Sources for SAS shops:

Complete connectivity to SAS Data Sets with an API adapter

Full platform coverage. DataDirect SequeLink JDBC Socket can extend complete platform coverage for third party applications consuming SAS Data Sets across 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris and HP-UX.

  • Microstrategy
  • IBM Cognos
  • Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE)
  • Any ODBC compliant application

Customer Success Stories

Rebuilt its business-critical analytics system, moving from the Windows operating system to Unix, and upgrading its version of SAS, among other significant changes. Progress DataDirect provided a critical link to Nationwide’s SQL databases, reliably keeping its analytics apps up and running.

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Improved understanding of how to serve the needs and desires of patrons with Progress® DataDirect Connect® for ODBC —for near-immediate visibility into Windows-based data stores from a UNIX-based data warehouse platform.

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Featured Data Connectivity

Over 10,000 global enterprises in 160+ countries use DataDirect, including 96 of the Fortune 100 and over 350 ISVs worldwide