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Certified Connectors for Your BI Tools – Power BI, Qlik, Tableau and More

Progress® DataDirect® offers powerful BI connectors that have been certified against industry standards - ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLE-DB and OData. Our standards-based connectors have been tested and deployed by over 350 ISVs and 10,000 enterprises to deliver high-performing, reliable data connectivity to their end users.

What Is It?

Users want to use their favorite data visualization tool, and you need to be able to support their diverse BI needs. Supporting those needs involves several strategic connectivity decisions:

Do you build connectors using ODBC or JDBC? Or maybe OData?
Do you use Java or .NET for custom connectivity?
Do you need Tableau’s .TDC file? How about DirectQuery for Power BI?

Progress DataDirect offers powerful BI connectors certified against popular connectivity standards - ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLE-DB and OData. We are the experts in connectivity who can help you pick the right strategy for your company. Eight of the nine BI vendors partner with us for a reason!

Who Needs It?

Enterprises – Data Engineers, BI Architects, DBAs

Who wish to connect their proprietary databases, internal APIs or the data access layer to the enterprise BI tools.

ISVs / Apps – Product Managers, CEOs, CTOs

Developing BI connectors to allow customers to use their favorite BI tool.

List of Connectors
    Power BI

    Certified Connectors for Power BI

    Power BI is one of the most popular BI tools among enterprises. Microsoft offers cloud-based BI services known as "Power BI Services" and a desktop-based interface called "Power BI Desktop". While there are several built-in connectors in Power BI, they're still not enough to meet the unique data needs of enterprises. DataDirect offers comprehensive solutions to help you unleash the true potential of your data with Power BI:

    Power BI Certified BI Connector
    • Get real-time DirectQuery capabilities across your enterprise APIs with our SDK for custom ODBC and M-code samples.
    • Deploy our high-performing ODBC drivers for popular data sources - the same drivers trusted by thousands of enterprises and hundreds of ISVs.
    • Build a custom OLE-DB driver for your SQL Server shop or if you need to support non-SQL based data sources.
    • Query over HTTP/HTTPS through our instant OData 2 / OData 4 based REST APIs for every data source.

    Certified Connectors for Qlik

    Qlik is the only other BI leader, as recognized by Gartner, that offers intuitive platform solutions for self-service data visualization, guided analytics applications, embedded analytics and reporting to about 45,000 customers worldwide. Qlik partners with DataDirect to offer several high-performing connectors to their end-users. Now, you can directly engage with DataDirect to meet your unique connectivity demands for your Qlik deployment:

    Qlik Certified BI Connector
    • Enhance your Qlik user experience (UX) by leveraging our high-performing ODBC / OLE-DB drivers that connect to a wide range of data sources directly over the wire.
    • Build your own custom ODBC / OLE-DB drivers to access large data sets with Direct Discovery or run high-performing Direct Queries on internal APIs (across Dimension, Measure and Detail keywords).
    • Extend your Qlik Web Connectors with DataDirect's instant OData 2 and OData 4 end points for popular data sources of your choice.
    • Leverage DataDirect's patented on-premises connector (data gateway) to access on-premises data without any changes to the firewall – no more complex and expensive VPNs, SSH Tunnels.

    Certified Connectors for Tableau

    Tableau is the most adopted data visualization tool and your users will demand a seamless Tableau experience. Your biggest challenge in delivering will be understanding the customizations needed to accommodate the differences in SQL syntax for Tableau. DataDirect officially partners with Tableau to offer customized, high-performing connectors:

    Tableau Certified BI Connector
    • Access to pre-built .TDC (Tableau Datasource Customization) file helps you easily create a custom ODBC driver that supports live connection to your data source. Our SQL engine supports Tableau’s additional customizations that can help you enhance and fine-tune your driver’s capabilities to your enterprise needs.
    • Enhance your BI performance by installing our commercial ODBC drivers that connect to a wide range of data sources and versions directly over the wire.
    • Expose your database through instant OData 2 / OData 4 connectors that let you extract data through Tableau Data Extracts (TDE) - TDEs are highly optimized for queries making them much faster than a live connection.
    • Leverage DataDirect's patented on-premises connector (data gateway) to access on-premises data without any changes to the firewall – no more complex and expensive VPNs, SSH Tunnels.
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