Seamless Data Access for
BI and Analytics

Use your preferred business intelligence and analytics tools to access high-value data. Progress® DataDirect® offers powerful BI connectors that are compliant with industry standards - ODBC, JDBC and ADO.NET. Let us help you get the connectivity you need between your data sources and reporting tools.

Solution - BI Tools

Plug and Play with Any Visualization Tool 

Users want to use their favorite data visualization tool. Let DataDirect help you support your diverse BI needs.

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The Progress DataDirect Dedication to Security:

Progress DataDirect has defined a stringent set of policies and practices around product development and distribution. This ensures there is transparency with regard to third party dependencies, proactive policies, and practices to meet the highest security standards when releasing products. In addition, Progress DataDirect is dedicated to finding a timely and effective resolution to any serious security concerns that arise.

How We Help Your Business

Customer Success Stories

SS_MicroStrategy Success Story
MicroStrategy Gains a Competitive Advantage with Progress DataDirect ODBC Drivers for Salesforce
Board Empowers Customers’ BI Efforts Success Story
Board Empowers Customers’ BI Efforts with On-Prem and Cloud-Based Data via Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline

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More than 10,000 global enterprises in 160+ countries use DataDirect, including 96 of the Fortune 100 and over 350 ISVs worldwide.