High - Performance Connectivity to SAP HANA

Deliver real-time data stored in SAP HANA to your preferred BI and Analytics programs

Data protection in transit with end-to-end encryption using TLS encryption

Full CRUD support that enables ETL users to use SAP HANA as a destination data source


Connect to SAP HANA via


The Progress DataDirect Dedication to Security:

Progress DataDirect has defined a stringent set of policies and practices around product development and distribution. This ensures there is transparency with regard to third party dependencies, proactive policies, and practices to meet the highest security standards when releasing products. In addition, Progress DataDirect is dedicated to finding a timely and effective resolution to any serious security concerns that arise.



Engineered for enterprise-grade security standards.

No Custom Coding

Speed up processes and automation without manual data workflows or custom coding.

Automatic Data Normalization

Automatically normalizes the JSON response data from the API and transforms it to a relational data model

Connect any application to any data source anywhere

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