Real-Time Access to FinancialForce Data

Connect to FinancialForce, a professional services automation software, through a standard interface—SQL (ODBC, JDBC) or REST API (OData)

Enable compliance and automate tasks that waste time and resources

Simplify reporting with powerful standards-based connectors to analytics and reporting tools like Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and more

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The Progress DataDirect Dedication to Security:

Progress DataDirect has defined a stringent set of policies and practices around product development and distribution. This ensures there is transparency with regard to third party dependencies, proactive policies, and practices to meet the highest security standards when releasing products. In addition, Progress DataDirect is dedicated to finding a timely and effective resolution to any serious security concerns that arise.



Move beyond SOQL limitations with support for Aggregation functions, SUBQUERY and more


 Reduce costly FinancialForce quota usage with local caching 


Gain performance, even with large data volumes with transparent bulk operations 


Secure communication to FinancialForce with SSL encryption 

Broad Coverage

Broader application support providing JOINs and aggregate operations done natively via full ANSI SQL support 

Connect any application to any data source anywhere

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