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HIPAA-Compliant File Transfer

Assure fully compliant internal and external transfers of files containing PHI

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Your Challenge

Meeting HIPAA Compliance and Protecting PHI

Any organization handling file transfers containing protected heath information (PHI) needs to closely adhere to the HIPAA Security Rule. The HIPAA Security Rule requires an appropriate level of administrative, technical and physical safeguards to ensure the accuracy, confidentiality and security of PHI.

HIPAA compliance requirements include annual audits identifying security risks, privacy controls and breach response protocols, as well as the Access Control standard that users have the minimal access necessary to execute their job function.

PHI Is Valuable to Cybercriminals

Protected Health Information (PHI) is extremely valuable because it is not as easily changed as credit card numbers and provides more data that can be used in identity theft.

HIPAA Fines for Exposure of Health Data Are Significant

HIPAA violations for exposing protected health data on the public internet have easily ranged into the tens of millions of dollars and often result in major impact to IT careers.

EFSS and FTP May Not Be Secure Enough

PHI data transfers should not be trusted to distributed FTP servers, consumer-grade EFSS or email. User-based sharing should be governed by trusted transfer systems.

Our Solution

Assure HIPAA Compliance with MOVEit Managed File Transfer

MOVEit Secure File Transfer helps you manage and keep the transfer of sensitive data between partners, customers, users and systems safe and HIPAA compliant. Centralized management allows you to easily enable secure collaboration for users with PHI data sharing access and job functions and protect data from unauthorized users. Voted #1 Managed File Transfer software in 2023 by G2 reviews.

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Easy Access Control

Central point of control for external and enterprise-wide data sharing

Gain complete visibility of all secure file transfer activities with health systems, patients, providers and other stakeholders.

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Guaranteed Security

Always-on encryption protects PHI data both in motion and at rest

Ensure PHI data is secured at all times and during any transfer process by multiple layers of protection and prevent unauthorized access.

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Advanced Auditing & Reporting

Centralized log of all transfer activities prepares you for HIPAA audits

Demonstrate compliance with HIPAA using a tamper-evident audit trail and built-in reports that include administrative access records and security controls.

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Operational Scalability

Drag-and-drop workflow for streamlined onboarding of new business partners

Reduce onboarding times and scale secure sharing of records with primary care institutions by automating tasks and workflows without scripting.


of security breaches originate from within the extended global enterprise. Avoid significant HIPAA fines by automating security protocols with MOVEit.

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