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Deployment Options

Whether on-prem, in the Cloud, or in a hybrid deployment, MOVEit Managed File Transfer is the easiest secure file transfer application to deploy and maintain.

Deployment Flexibility to Match the Needs of Your Enterprise

Choose the MOVEit Transfer deployment model that best serves your organization’s needs in relation to budget, resource constraints (infrastructure, personnel), scalability and geographic location requirements.

MOVEit On-Prem

On-Premises MFT Deployment

MOVEit On-Premises offers you complete and total control over the implementation of your MOVEit MFT Solution.

IT teams can leverage existing infrastructure and meet business continuity needs through disaster recovery and high-availability configurations. This type of deployment is best suited for closed IT environments that may not have access to the Internet.

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MOVEit Transfer on Azure

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Deployment

MOVEit on Azure enables you to take advantage of infrastructure resources that are operated in a public cloud environment while maintaining complete control over your MOVEit MFT Solution.

MOVEit on Azure makes it easy for you to quickly evaluate MOVEit Transfer. Simply pay for the use of Azure infrastructure that comes pre-configured with a free evaluation instance of MOVEit Transfer and you can be up and running, in many cases, in under 30 minutes.

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MOVEit Cloud

Software as a Service (SaaS) Deployment for MFT

MOVEit Cloud provides your MFT solution as a service including full management of software and infrastructure. This complete peace of mind, turn-key solution delivers an exceptional quality of service experience for users. MOVEit Cloud delivers 99.9% uptime reliability and
is the only MFT SaaS offering available on the market today that is PCI, HIPAA and SOC2 certified and GDPR Ready.

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Featured Resources

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