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Secure Managed File Transfer for Manufacturing

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Your Challenge

File Transfer Requirements

Operating modern manufacturing demands that critical business processes and services implement complete visibility, security and control over sensitive file transfers.

Manufacturing companies need to exchange large and confidential files, containing quotations, product designs, intellectual property and customer information in and outside the business. Existing solutions such as FTP or email servers are limiting and expose your data to security breaches.

Data Governance

To help with regulatory compliance, organizations should replace ungoverned document transfer methods with more secure, reliable and compliant information exchange processes that bolster data security and integrity.

Managed File Transfer

When evaluating Managed File Transfer systems or alternatives, organizations should look at how these offerings deliver against four categories—confidentiality, integrity, availability and auditing—to help support compliance.

Our Solution

Why MOVEit for Manufacturing?

Progress MOVEit is a powerful, flexible and secure file transfer software that maximizes operational efficiency. MOVEit helps you securely manage the delivery of critical files including engineering, CAD, quotes and other important documents between partners, resellers and suppliers. Manage all file transfer activity from a centralized location and automate file transfers across your business departments. Leverage automation to reduce human error, scale faster and more consistently meet SLAs, while improving the digital experience for employees, customers and partners.

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Protect Critical Data between All Your Endpoints

Protect sensitive information with encryption for data at rest and in transit, whether you are sharing files with partners, suppliers, customers or systems.

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Streamline Operations with Centralized Management

Centralized management ensures IT has visibility and control over all file transfers with reporting and audit trails of all transfer activities.

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Orchestrate File Transfers from Concept to Distribution

Automate the routing of critical files along the entire production cycle and between systems with easy drag-and-drop workflows and no scripting.

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