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MOVEit Managed File Transfer for Government & Public Institutions

Delivering world-class public services requires the secure, reliable sharing of files containing sensitive information.

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Your Challenge

File Transfer Requirements

Delivering public services in the 21st century means providing the right level of security for all different kinds of documents, from health information, to building plans and even court and justice related records. With so many different functions being delivered by agencies and departments at virtually every level of government, finding a way to secure documents while ensuring the right amount of accessibility to various stakeholders can be daunting. Leaving the task of securing files to individuals can lead to lack of visibility, control and a greater attack surface for bad actors.

Data Governance

To help with regulatory compliance, organizations should replace ungoverned document transfer methods with more secure, reliable and compliant information exchange processes that bolster data security and integrity.

Managed File Transfer

When evaluating Managed File Transfer systems or alternatives, organizations should look at how these offerings deliver against four categories—confidentiality, integrity, availability and auditing—to help support compliance.

Our Solution

Why MOVEit?

Governmental and public services work best when sensitive files are delivered with complete visibility, security, and control. That’s especially true for Personally Identifiable Information (PII), documents with limited access and legal documents that must maintain complete integrity and confidentiality. Whether you are sharing files with internal stakeholders, partners, customers, individuals, or other systems, Progress MOVEit helps you assure regulatory compliance with tamper-evident audit logs and encryption for data at rest and in transit. Gain a consolidated view of all secure file transfer activities so you can deliver public services with confidence.

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Security & Compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance in the transfer of PII and Financial Data

Increasingly strict data protection regulations mandate that networks, user access, databases and business processes are secured to protect financial data and customers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The MOVEit suite of Secure Managed File Transfer products assures encryption of external data transfers, delivery to the intended recipient and detailed audit logs. MOVEit provides the security features and flexible deployments that enable you to meet SOX, GLB, PCI and GDPR data protection requirements.

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IT Operations Efficiency

Meet SLAs, deliver 24x7 services and reduce operations costs

MOVEit managed file transfer enables consolidation of disparate file transfer processes under a single management tool with end-to-end visibility, performance reporting and audit trails. It accelerates the development of new services, on-boarding of new external partners, and reduces on-going resource requirements with easy-to-use workflow automation. Its flexible architecture allows you to configure an exact match to your business continuity needs from high-availability to complete failover.

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Business Expansion

Drive business growth with superior financial services

The profitable growth of your business requires the smooth roll-out of new or improved services and fast on-boarding of new partners and out-sourced vendors. Scalable IT operations are an essential ingredient for success. MOVEit provides the ideal platform to support the accelerated roll-out of new services or improvements to existing services such as loan approval processes and customer online banking.

What Our Customers Say

We've been able to consolidate numerous FTP servers and business process into our single MOVEit Environment. This has been great for ease of administration and support. - IT Architect, Fortune 500 Media & Entertainment Company

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