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Person-to-Person (P2P) File Transfer

Send files securely between individuals with a compliant audit trail

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Your Challenge

Your Sensitive Data Is at Risk

Users are the biggest security risk when it comes to transferring files while trying to maintain regulatory compliance. When they need to get a file to someone, they’re going to do it as quickly and as easily as they can. Even when they have an IT-approved file transfer tool, human error can also make them vectors for security breaches unless that tool is easy to use and readily available.

Your Users Are a Security Threat

Do your users have a way to send large files securely? Without an IT approved tool, users will find another way to send files when they need to. That means insecure FTP sites, lack of encryption, no tracking and general regulatory non-compliance.

Your Existing Tools Are Complex

No matter how good your secure file transfer solution is, it’s pointless if your end users can’t or won’t figure out how to use it. They need an easy way to send files to individuals on a regular or ad-hoc basis.

IT-Approved File Sharing Tools

Giving your users a secure file transfer tool that’s integrated with their existing email system (or is at least as easy to use) can dramatically reduce your risk of expensive regulatory violations and security breaches.

Our Solution

Make Everyone Regulatory Compliant

Progress MOVEit is the leading managed file transfer solution. Simple, effective and easy-to-use, MOVEit enables IT teams to easily set the file-sharing policies that adhere to both internal security requirements and external compliance regulations. Business users can manage their own processes—much in the same way as they do with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive—with the knowledge that shared files will always be secure.

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Enforce the Highest Level of Security

Gain complete visibility and control over file transfer activities, so IT teams can assure the reliability of core business processes and the secure transfer of sensitive data.

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Send to One. Send to Many.

Easily initiate recurring or one-off file transfers and ensure that they go to every recipient reliably, every time.

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Eliminate Costly Mistakes

Centrally manage recipient list and automate regular transfers to eliminate human error and simplify workflows, without scripting.

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Optimize Large File Distribution without Impacting Your Email System

Avoid running up against email file attachment size limitations while protecting proprietary company information.

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Prove the Compliance and Security of Every Transfer No Matter Who Initiated It

End-to-end encryption and audit trail that proves who sent what and when allows your organization to comply with regulations like HIPAA, PCI and GDPR.

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