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Mobile Managed File Transfer

Securely send and receive sensitive files using mobile devices

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Your Challenge

Make Secure Transfers Intuitive

Your users will reach for the simplest tool they have when making a secure transfer and their smartphone is always handier than their laptop (especially when taking or sending pictures).

If your users do not have access to your secure MFT solution from their mobile devices, they’ll use insecure, hard-to-track methods like email. And email is an inherently insecure medium for file transfers.

Take Your MFT Anywhere

Extend your secure MFT solution to support mobile users who aren’t at a desktop or laptop. Maintain the same levels of encryption, security and auditability from any device.

Our Solution

Managed File Transfer To-Go

The free MOVEit Mobile app extends the award-winning managed file transfer capabilities of MOVEit Transfer to mobile devices. Users can send pictures, documents, forms and other files directly from their smartphones or tablets—all within MOVEit Transfer.

The result is familiar file, folder and sharing functionality that’s easy and convenient. It also means your users can reliably and productively participate in file-based business process workflows, while providing IT the security, visibility and control required to confidently run their business and meet compliance requirements. This means increased productivity for your mobile workforce and protection for your organization.

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Increase Productivity for Your Mobile Work Force

Automate all file transfers of any size exchanged with internal and external users with advanced workflows. Get email notifications when things work or don’t work.

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Ensure Compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI and Мore

Demonstrate compliance with HIPAA and other important cybersecurity standards with built-in reports and auditability of your data transfers.

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Supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Secure Folder Sharing

Protect your organization from unauthorized access to sensitive data and prevent data loss and theft with multiple layers of protection.

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Gain Visibility and Control of Mobile File Transfers by Central Administrator

Centralized log of all transfer activities includes record of administrative access and security controls for enterprise-wide data sharing.

Leverage Mobile Managed File Transfer for Your Industry


Clinicians can securely gather patient information, histories and even take pictures at the patient’s bedside and integrate that information directly with their electronic health record (EHR) while maintaining HIPAA compliance.


Sensitive financial reports can be accessed or transferred between executives and managers no matter where they are, all while maintaining full encryption and compliance with a tamper-evident audit trail.


Adjusters can take pictures and manage claims workflows from the field or anywhere else, saving time and maintaining the security of any protected information.


Engineers on site can access sensitive documents right from their phones or tablets, while maintaining security at all times.


Sales agents at customer sites can securely generate and deliver approved price quotes directly from their mobile device, record client signatures and initiate workflows without any additional steps.


of healthcare organizations say mobile users send secure files—like patient records and insurance claims—via email. Protect your organization with a secure sharing solution as easy-to-use and convenient as email or consumer-grade, dropbox-like cloud-based services, anywhere you go.

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