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The MOVEit MuleSoft Connector

A unified API integration experience assuring compliant transfers of sensitive data between partners, customers, users and systems.

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Progress has a MOVEit Transfer MuleSoft Connector to MuleSoft’s Anypoint Exchange. This connector makes it simple for MuleSoft users to easily integrate secure managed file transfer capabilities into their Mule applications and lets them leverage the power of Progress MOVEit product family.


From MuleSoft applications, the MOVEit connector can remotely interface with Progress MOVEit Transfer to perform a rich set of file operations. With MOVEit and MuleSoft you can integrate managed file transfer capabilities with any application supported by MuleSoft’s iPaaS solution to meet business requirements such as:

Business Automation

Single View of Customer


Modernizing Legacy Systems

Mobile Applications

Moving to the Cloud

SaaS Integration

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The MOVEit MuleSoft Connector is available as a free download from the MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange.

MOVEit MuleSoft Connector Demonstration

Benefits for File Senders

Suppose you need to develop a flow on Anypoint platform that transfers a file from an Amazon S3 bucket to MOVEit Transfer Server, and notifies recipients via a Slack channel. The flow will be triggered by an HTTP request. This video demonstrates how easily this can be implemented.

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